In your inventory system,
would these two shirt styles
be 60 item numbers?

Or just 2 item numbers?

Inventory variances can go through the roof when thousands of item numbers are assigned to track products that have many similar variations.

There’s a better way! Consolidate item numbers by specifying “attributes” like size and color.

Are your item numbers out of control?

Bring down your inventory variance

If you sell products with many similar variations and your inventory variance is way too high, then item specification may be the solution.

  • Reduce your error rates. When the price or other specification changes for an item, enter the new info once and all variations will instantly update.
  • Improve your service. Give your customers information that’s based on accurate inventory data.
  • Save time. Stop digging through hundreds of item numbers to find the one you need.
  • Make training easier. In a purchase order, sales order or customer invoice, the system will prompt users to choose from a list of the item’s valid options.
  • Get better business data. Run reports that group item attributes together so you can analyze sub-categories.

Simplify your system by orders of magnitude

Our clients who were buried in item numbers have typically reduced their inventory complexity by a factor of 100 or more. Ask us for references.

We provide financial management software to handle complex inventories and unique business needs.

Let’s chat about a flexible system that meets your needs and will adapt as your business changes.

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