Infor F9 Business Analysis for AccountMate

Get easy, real-time financial reports by hot-linking your Excel spreadsheets to your AccountMate GL
“The decision to purchase F9 was a no brainer. I used to spend hours each month preparing spreadsheets for our monthly financial reports. With F9, those hours have been reduced to minutes. Instead of manually transferring numbers from AccountMate reports into Excel spreadsheets, I simply open the spreadsheet, type in the current month, and watch the numbers populate. An additional advantage is that it eliminates data entry errors and the time spent attempting to find them. I’ve used F9 for the past two months and already wonder how I survived without it.”

– Angie Lloyd, Accounting/HR Manager, Central States Distribution Service 

How F9 works

When you’re in Excel, you just hit the F9 key on your keyboard to refresh your spreadsheet with current general ledger data from AccountMate. It’s as easy as that!


  1. In your budget in Excel, change your period from May to June. Hit F9 and the June data comes in from AccountMate. Eliminate exporting or manual keying of data from AccountMate.
  2. If someone posts a batch of journal entries in AccountMate, hit F9 in Excel to update your balance sheet with the new data. Data instantly comes into Excel formatted correctly.
  3. In your income statement, change your data once, hit F9, and all the worksheets will update. No need to re-run your cash flow statement or anything else.

Watch Kevin’s 8-minute demo to see F9 in action

Gain real-time insight and discover trends in your business performance by using F9 Business Analysis. Anyone who uses spreadsheets has simple, yet powerful capabilities to gather and analyze business information. You can easily build or create custom reports, which allow you to accelerate decision-making with in-depth financial reporting. F9 also gives you the ability to create a single Microsoft Excel template for multiple report generations. Pre-built drag and drop Excel functions, reports and business intelligence provide commonly-accessed configurations to help you save time, money and start delivering results immediately.


If you use Excel, then you already know how useful spreadsheets are for financial reporting.  F9 provides a direct link from your General Ledger (GL) to Excel and gives you the most current information with a push of a button with no exports or manual entries required.

Special offer for NexLAN clients

F9 just might be the easiest AccountMate add-on to use. To make it easier we will:

  1. Install a fully runnable 30-day F9 trial version on your system FREE
  2. Connect it to your AccountMate General Ledger FREE
  3. Show you how to use it via a GoToMeeting session FREE

You’ll be able to “F9-ize” your favorite spreadsheets right away so they hot-link to your GL. Give us a shout today.

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