The only Level 3 credit card payment processing that integrates with AccountMate

Reduce your credit card fees by up to 43% and simplify your credit card transactions at the same time—with MKT Credit Card, a vertical add-on solution from Bailey Enterprises for AccountMate that works in tandem with American Payment Systems for credit card processing.

Why provide Level 3 data to your credit card company?

For business cards (not consumer cards), credit card companies will reduce your interchange fees when you provide industry-standard Level 3 enhanced transaction data, like line item details, tax amounts and invoice numbers.

To give you an idea of your potential reduction in fees: One of NexLAN’s larger clients is saving $80K per year in interchange fees with MKT Credit Card and APS. APS’ average mid-market integrated ERP account saves $10,000 to $20,000 annually. These savings on fees go straight to your bottom line, automatically.

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You’ll streamline processing time, too

When add-on software fully integrates with AccountMate, like MKT Credit card does, that means data will transfer seamlessly across your workflow to where it’s needed. This eliminates time keying in data and fixing data entry errors.

Compare the steps to complete a credit card transaction

Before MKT Credit Card

  1. You go to your bank’s website
  2. You type in the card number and amount
  3. You hit save
  4. You go to AccountMate
  5. You pull up the customer account
  6. You type in the amount and invoice number
  7. You hit save
  8. You recorded the payment twice!

After MKT Credit Card

  1. When the sales order ships, the customer can be billed automatically
  2. It hits the customer’s card
  3. It applies the payment
  4. It marks the invoice as paid
  5. You recorded the payment zero times!

With MKT Credit Card from Bailey Enterprises, you can reconcile all transactions. They’re listed in your AccountMate Cash Receipts and Refund reports. And sensitive credit card data can be stored encrypted (PCI compliant) in AccountMate’s database, or in American Payment Systems’ tokenized vault in the cloud.

Preauthorization: If you wish, you can also pre-auth your customer’s card to block out funds and confirm their credit limit is high enough to pay the transaction amount—before you commit your inventory and your time to process the order.

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Improve your cash flow—and shrink your credit card fees too

With American Payment Systems, you get fast 12-hour funding. Wouldn’t it be great to see the previous day’s credit card payments in your account when you arrive to work in the morning?

And all of your credit card transactions will automatically be checked against the available interchange rates and different card types you’re accepting, to ensure that you’ll receive Level 3 rates for as many transactions as possible, every time.

  • 24x7x365 merchant support
  • No minimum number of transactions
  • Next day funding available
  • Daily automatic batch reporting
  • Plenty of reporting options
  • Ability to integrate with POS, mobile and ecommerce

Simply request a free no-obligation analysis of your most recent processing fees so you can see what savings you qualify for. Call NexLAN today or shoot us an email. We’ll chat about your particular transaction types and volume to give you an estimate of what your savings would be.

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