Import Time-clock Entries to AccountMate Payroll

Price: $750 LAN/Express or $1,000 SQL (BP discounts available)
Compatible with: AccountMate LAN V7/V8, AccountMate SQL and SQL/Express V7/V8/V9
Complete product info in Adobe® Acrobat® format here.

Your employees record their time every day in a computer program or via time clocks. At the end of the pay period, you gather these records and manually enter data into AccountMate and generate pay checks. You’re duplicating work your employees have already done!

Developed by NexLAN, NexPRImport™ imports existing data into your AccountMate Payroll module and tabulates the information. All you have to do is print checks!

Ensure Accuracy

NexPRImport totals regular hours, overtime hours, and holiday hours for the pay period. At a glance, you can double check your information.

NexLAN NexPRImport

NexPRImport also automatically checks for errors. As with import functions in other AccountMate modules, you are provided a viewable listing of all entries, both valid and needing attention.

NexPRImport makes your time card recording system a faster, more efficient operation!

Note: Installation of NexPRImport requires no AccountMate source code and makes no customizations to your system, so future upgrades are not impacted.

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