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NexLAN Clients Have Great Things to Say!

The workflow is actually flowing

“Everything’s integrated and it just works. It’s freeing—it’s like we’d gotten used to dragging heavy anchors around and then those chains were all cut loose!”

Jeremy Cashman

Sales Manager, Short Block Technologies, Inc., Clearwater, FL

Having a support company that we like and trust has been equally important as the functionality of the software.

Since we switched to NexLAN, we call and get answers quickly. They understand the software and how it fits our process. And they don’t recommend customizations when simpler options are available. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive—I’m a superfan.

Christian Wenk

Managing Partner, American Casting & Manufacturing

Now as a result, we can look further in advance at our reorder points

NexLAN recently modified an older inventory vendor reorder report for us. Some of our needs had changed and we wanted more visibility into the manufacturing side of it. It’s cut down on our backorders substantially. For example, we were able to go from $1M to $200K in backorders with one company. NexLAN has always been good over the years at helping us look at trends and track things. Their project managers are very talented and knowledgeable about the system and our business; you can’t beat ‘em.

Aaron Ingram

VP Product Operations, Innomed, Inc.

Inventory variance plummeted to mere pennies per month

At SMARTdesks, our inventory on hand is typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and prior to working with NexLAN and AccountMate our monthly inventory variance would be tens of thousands of dollars with no real handle on where/how it was happening.  After a few months of working with NexLAN to properly configure the system and utilize the built-in processes and controls correctly, our monthly inventory variance is now mere pennies per month—all while providing accurate costing so we have crystal clear visibility to profitability on a per invoice basis.

Lisa Kaslow

Owner, SMARTdesks, Hibernia, NJ

Achieving a new level of fine-tuned performance

“Morning Kevin,

I just wanted to mention that we continue to be struck by the level of responsiveness and information you folks provide. We are working through a positive pay issue and were digging around in your support materials. We have found so many pieces of useful information about capabilities and even useful basic overall configuration guidelines that we weren’t aware of after using AccountMate for almost ten years working with another reseller. I think with your help we are going to be able to get our system fine-tuned to a level we haven’t reached before and eliminate some nagging little issues we thought we just had to live with.

Please let your folks know we appreciate their efforts on our behalf!”

Director of Technology

An outdoor digital billboard company, July 6, 2023

Plenty more testimonials

We can start you off with a page of a dozen references to call. Or connect you to a NexLAN client who has a similar type of business as you do in terms of growth stage, company size, or industry. Or one who faced and overcame the challenges that you’re facing now. Or perhaps you’d like to speak to somebody at AccountMate Corp. about us.

At NexLAN, we believe that your financial management system is only as good as the business partner you work with. We’re happy to provide the type of references you’re looking for. Please inquire.

NexLAN Client Success

The better things flow thorugh your business without friction—your products, your money, your sales orders, your data—the better you can grow while staying competitive in your markets. NexLAN helps you look across your business systems and find ways to remove friction and reduce cost, through technology and automation. Check out these case study examples. Don't hesitate to ask us for more examples and references.


SBT, the largest supplier of remanufactured personal watercraft engines in the world, achieves optimal inventory levels using a flexible financial software solution from NexLAN.


Innomed is an ISO-certified manufacturer of orthopedic surgical instruments that uses a customized system to support their large volume of international sales.

Unique Companies 

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