What Is AccountMate?

AccountMate® is the name of an accounting and business management software system first released by AccountMate Software Corporation in 1984.

The AccountMate software is known for being the only mid-tier accounting system offering a source code as an option to customers, allowing any aspect of the software to be customized for complete flexibility of your financial and business management needs. This source code approach is a hybrid, providing end-user control of an open source system that can accommodate unique business requirements – as well as the ongoing R&D investment, vendor accountability and authorized reseller support channel of a traditional accounting software package system.  Additionally AccountMate software is completely operable “in the cloud” or in a SaaS (Software as a Service) configuration.

AccountMate is most often used by small to medium sized companies, meaning between $5M and $500M per year in annual sales, in wholesale distribution and manufacturing due to its strong inventory management and ERP capabilities. There are more than 125,000 users in more than 200 industries worldwide, serviced by a network of hundreds of authorized business partners and vertical solution providers.

The world’s most flexible accounting software

For over 30 years, AccountMate has provided customers with powerful, scalable and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their businesses.  Many other accounting solutions require you to make changes to your core business processes in order to utilize their software—costing your business far more than the price of the software in time and decreased productivity from retraining your staff.

AccountMate’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the only system that has no limits in its ability to conform to your unique business processes. The actual “source code” – the mechanics of the software – is customizable so it can be adapted to any business situation and evolve as your business dictates.

Flexible Cycle Counts

A client which maintains and services water filtration systems discovered employees regularly not invoicing filters.

We set their system to trigger frequent cycle counts for “high turn” items, which helped them quantify the problem and secure their inventory.

“It is a good system, easy to learn, and has met our needs for 11 years. I feel that AccountMate is a perfect mid-sized product.”

VP of Product Operations

A medical device manufacturer

“It is a good product for small companies with medium volume accounting. It’s easy to navigate for transactions. The drop down menus are easy to use and looking up transactions is easy.”


Magna Tech Manufacturing

Comprehensive, solid financial management

AccountMate’s flagship accounting system is the culmination of over three decades of experience in providing customizable, real-time business information solutions, used in wide-ranging industries from aircraft parts distributors to apparel manufacturers, nonprofits, housing authorities and international art museums.

AccountMate’s business management and accounting solutions deliver vital up-to-the minute information on your business. An accurate picture of your current situation can make the crucial difference in today’s competitive business environment and increase your bottom line.

AccountMate can help you manage global operations with multi-currency capabilities and a built-in translation engine for multilingual businesses. AccountMate’s customizable accounting software products are available for local installation or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Extend your accounting system

A growing number of independent software developers offer industry-specific packages that work in concert with AccountMate’s software to provide a complete solution for a wide range of industries, including light and heavy manufacturing, service and consulting, publishing, wholesale and retail distribution. This list of solutions continues to expand.

Count on data integrity

Your data is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Protecting it is of paramount importance. AccountMate software has built-in safeguards to protect your data including sophisticated encryption technology. AccountMate provides top-notch customer support with plans including maintenance updates, version upgrades and technical support.

Run on premise or in the cloud—with complete data privacy

With AccountMate, your company’s financial data remains accessible only to you, even if it’s in the cloud. This isn’t the case with all accounting software. For example, Intuit accesses its QuickBooks customers’ financial data to tailor and sell lines of credit and other products from its QuickBooks Financing division, and uses aggregated customer financial data to power its QuickBooks industry benchmarking feature.

And unlike other accounting systems, AccountMate doesn’t nag or shame you into “upgrading” to the cloud. Run it where you want to, locally or on your remote server or in the cloud, without being penalized. Learn more about Cloud Hosting for AccountMate and Windows Desktop Applications.

AccountMate Software Overview

Your business – not your software – should dictate how your critical information flows. Flexibility and modifiability are the foundation of AccountMate and have been since day one.  Even if your business processes are unique or change over time, you can mold AccountMate to fit your needs… now and for the long term!

AccountMate/SQL enables your business to evolve from a single user system to a powerful and sophisticated multi-user Microsoft SQL based network with high transaction volumes and hundreds of simultaneous users.

AccountMate/SQL is also available as an “Express Version”, which accommodates up to five concurrent users and use the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database engine.  The Express Version is exactly the same code base as the “full” version, so has all the functionality – but at a lower price point to accommodate small and growing business who don’t need the higher user count.  If/when they do, then the upgrade path is completely smooth – retaining all detail of your prior data and company configuration information.

AccountMate/SQL Includes:

  • Powerful desktop tools with user-definable shortcuts and instant access to your favorite Microsoft applications
  • System-wide tracking of data changes that provides comprehensive audit trail and helps strengthen the company’s internal controls
  • User-definable complex password policy and fraud protection features recommended by banks and accountants for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Drill-down analysis permits instantaneous viewing of account and transaction details
  • Multi-segmented chart of accounts allow for complex cost center structure and flexible analysis of financial statements
  • Up-to-the-minute bank balances and instant view of unreconciled transactions help manage your cash flow
  • Ability to attach supporting documents to transaction and master records
  • A suite of inventory features designed to meet your sophisticated inventory management needs
  • Multiple warehouses with unlimited bin locations facilitate any complex warehouse setup
  • Multi-currency features enable transactions in any currency
  • Multi-lingual capabilities support global operations
  • Available on a per-module-basis to fulfill your accounting, payroll, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, and other business requirements