Complex Inventory

Easily keep track of complicated inventory



Stop playing hide and seek with your inventory

Instead of hunting stuff down in your own warehouse, know what you have and where it is at all times!

Keep better track of your items with a flexible system that makes you more efficient and adapts as you grow.


Your system ought to be able to tell you any item’s current location…

  • On order with the manufacturer
  • On a ship coming from Asia
  • On your supplier’s truck
  • In your QA inspection area by the dock
  • In a specific bin, slot or shelf
  • In a warehouse in another state or country
  • In transit between warehouses
  • Being assembled as a Work In Progress
  • Being picked for a sales order
  • On your delivery truck or with a shipper
  • Being drop shipped
  • Consigned with a customer or distributor
  • On a service truck
  • In a sales rep’s car or at a trade show
  • On loan to a customer
  • In any other location specific to your business

Track your product locations from ship to truck to warehouse to customer—and have your system  automatically use that item’s location to help you out:


  • Item 62342-13 Line Spool at Warehouse 2 hit its refill point. Do you want to transfer items to Warehouse 2 now?
  • The pick ticket for this sales order shows the bin locations and optimal picking route.
  • Item 62481-13 Reel Handle has 2,265 units on hand.
    •    2,205 — Shelf J-36 Warehouse 2
    •    57  — Slot 9 Warehouse 2 Dock
    •    3 — Annual Expo Exhibit
  • Scheduled delivery of Item 62291-14 Spool Release from China Xiang LTD  to Warehouse 2 is July 25, 2018
  • ALERT: Item 62399-13 Reel Body, In Transit quantity yesterday is 650 vs. Received quantity today is 640. Variance = 10 units.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how long does it take you to get accurate answers for these inventory queries?

  • Find the physical location of an item in your warehouses at the bin level.
  • Pull up the transactions for a specific inventory serial number.
  • View a report of all items that are below their re-order points or safety stock limits.
  • Enter and track a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
  • List all customers who received a specific lot number of your product, and when.

Get your accounting and ERP system set up to work smarter for you and answer queries like these instantly every time

It’s costly when you can’t pull up the inventory details you need…

  • Before you promise delivery dates to customers, do you spend time on spot checks in your warehouse because you can’t trust what the system says is on the shelf?
  • Do you waste time on rush orders to replenish inventory, because your system makes it hard to monitor reorder points?
  • When your boss needs a financial report, do you work late building a spreadsheet because your system can’t automatically run a full report?

Maybe you buy items by the case but you need to sell them by the six-pack or the unit. Or maybe you need a no-brainer process to accurately track items by serial number with complete traceability.

Get a system that can handle your inventory, your way. A flexible system can make your team even more efficient and profitable.

Inventory data at your fingertips

Whether you’ve outgrown your current system or you’re fed up with the limitations of what you have now, we can help you. We’ll set up a reliable system that fits your unique business needs and adapts to business changes over time.

Let’s talk about giving you instant insight into your business so you can better manage your inventory and your dollars!