Item Pricing Control

Item Pricing Control

With AccountMate, you can easily automate, customize and enforce any pricing configuration you want

You naturally need different pricing for different situations when you manage a large inventory and sell to a range of customer types. There’s list price, minimum price, promotional price, variable pricing for multiple units of measurement, contract pricing, tiered quantity discount levels, multi-currency pricing, a special price for your brother-in-law, and more.

The more your business grows, the tougher it is to manage your pricing in a giant multi-tab spreadsheet, or to ensure that all your items get priced properly for your customers.

Solid pricing control automation delivers benefits throughout your business

➤ Increase your competitive advantage

A flexible pricing control system lets you use pricing models that meet your customers’ goals and respond to ongoing changes in your market—while still meeting your company’s pricing and profitability goals consistently.

It’s also easy to make quick changes to inventory prices in response to events like cost changes, profit margin adjustments, seasonality, supply chain item shortages, inventory turn rates, and changes in your competitive landscape.

➤ Cut order entry time while increasing accuracy

An integrated pricing control system ensures that the proper default pricing options automatically populate your new sales quotes and sales orders, eliminating pricing research delays, guesses and errors. This saves time and increases product margins.

When your pricing rules are automatically enforced, it’s easier to train a new person to enter orders correctly. For example, if an item option that affects pricing is added to the order, the item price will automatically increase or decrease according to your rules. And when the order is priced accurately the first time, you avoid the waste of improperly specified orders and you can deliver to customers on time more often.

➤ Easily monitor your pricing trends and make adjustments

A robust pricing control system offers you a range of price listings so you can review your existing pricing structure anytime with built-in or customized reports.

Only AccountMate allows you to customize ANYTHING in your pricing rules

Because AccountMate offers source code, unlike other mid-tier accounting systems, it’s possible to change any aspect of it to fit your needs—cost-effectively!

For example, we have multiple clients that offer their customers “mix and match” pricing within a “product group.” Imagine quantity pricing for peanut butter, and for jelly, and for any quantity combination of peanut butter and jelly. So if you buy 6 of each you get the “12 quantity” price break for both. We’ve never seen another system able do that; AccountMate’s source code made it possible.

There’s no limit to supporting your pricing requirements:

  • Your company’s unique pricing rules that have been well-honed in your years of doing business
  • Your industry-specific pricing that other accounting systems cannot handle
  • A new pricing model you want to test
  • A tedious repetitive pricing task you want to automate, like the importing of updated MSRP pricing from your supplier

Learn more about the Benefits of Source Code flexibility.

Variable pricing for multiple units of measurement

Our most common pricing request from wholesale distributors:

It’s easy to define and update Multiple UOM prices in AccountMate.

When you “buy it by the case, stock it by the 6-pack, and sell it by the each,” reconcile and track the item prices automatically—and ensure that your sales quotes and orders automatically pull in the correct price each time.

Simultaneously update the item’s unit price, base price, multi-level prices by price code and/or by order quantity for a range of items. Update these prices by applying a percentage or a fixed increment to the current prices or the average item costs.

One centralized, automated process sure beats using your case/box quantity/price tracking spreadsheet!

AccountMate provides a lot more flexibility for multiple units of measurement than other systems. Learn more about options to prevent having to reconcile a hornet’s nest of inventory transfers from vendor to distributor to retailer and Set Your Units Up Exactly How You Want Them.

Additional flexible options for your pricing

Set minimum selling prices

Ensure that you don’t sell inventory items at a price that’s below your needed profit margin. Set an item’s minimum price as a percentage above cost, a fixed amount above cost, or a fixed amount.

Avoid that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you find out that your company’s been selling inventory at a price that’s below your cost.

Use multi-tiered pricing

  • Assign price codes to an inventory item for each of your customer groups.
  • Assign quantity breaks to item prices based on the quantity ordered, to give discounts for higher volumes.
  • Or combine both price codes and order quantity to assign item prices.

7 more ways to define an item’s default recommended price in sales estimates and orders

  1. Promotional prices with start and end dates
  2. Rebate program pricing based on the volume that a customer purchases
  3. Blanket purchase orders and contract pricing for individual customers
  4. Kit component pricing that does—or doesn’t if you prefer—use the sum of the component prices as the kit price
  5. Customer inventory pricing that cross-references your customer’s part numbers to your own item numbers
  6. Last order pricing that automatically uses the customer’s price from their most recent order or sales invoice, if they last purchased the item within the recent number of days you specify
  7. Multi-currency pricing that automatically applies the current exchange rate

Learn more about the Pricing Control Module for AccountMate.


Sales commission calculation rules sometimes vary depending upon the type of pricing that was used for an item. NexLAN often automates these calculations for our clients to ensure that pricing types are properly accounted for when AccountMate calculates the commissions.

What’s your most critical pricing control issue?

We’ll tell you how we’d help you set that up in AccountMate. Let’s chat about an accounting system that gives you the freedom of unlimited pricing options that are easy to set up, maintain, enforce, and report on.

Flexible Serial Numbers

A regional musical instruments retail chain requires items like guitars and amplifiers to be traceable by serial number from purchase to stock to sale.

We set them up with AccountMate’s built-in serial number functionality which gives complete traceability through purchase, stock and sale to customer.