Multiple UoM

Multiple Units of Measurement for Inventory

Set Your Units Up Exactly How You Want Them

If your company’s cases, packs, items and other groups have grown in complexity and become impossible to keep track of accurately, then flexible Units of Measurement can come to your rescue.

Flexible units for purchase stock and sale

The Enterprise edition of AccountMate offers Storage as a fourth unit of measurement in addition to Purchase, Stock and Sell. For example, you might Stock an item with a unit of “each” but Store it in your warehouse in boxes of 100. Thus you could add a Storage unit of “box” that contains 100 each, so that you can easily count and input the number of unopened boxes for inventory purposes.

Save time with your product units when you can:

  • Stop worrying about breaking open a case to sell an each
  • Stop doing constant manual inventory adjustments
  • Stop running around your warehouses to see if you have enough units on hand to put together a 12-pack
  • Stop needing a rocket scientist to calculate your true average cost
  • Stop wondering if your system can handle a new measurement

Whatever Multiple UoM you require as a distributor or manufacturer, you can get an AccountMate accounting and ERP system that makes it easy to manage your items as you purchase, stock and sell inventory.

Keep track of all your units with confidence

When you know your system is showing you accurate data about your items, life is good:

  • Get automatic vendor price comparisons
  • View real-time inventory values, COGS and P/L statements
  • See new insights into your customers’ purchasing trends
  • Avoid painful surprises during physical inventories

Flexible Multiple UoM inventory options

Any numeric formula can be used to break down the units you purchase into the units you stock and sell. Even if you have unusual or weird units of measurement.

Your special unit requirements can be supported – here are some examples:

1. Include multiple SKUs or units for one item

  • Single packs
  • Double packs
  • Packs or kits that bundle the item with another item
  • Special packs only sold to club stores
  • Unbranded packs for private labeling
  • Customer-owned packs that you stock in your facility
  • Any other variation you require

2. Accommodate vendors’ purchase units and currencies

Vendor A
US $

Vendor B
Chinese ¥

Vendor C
South Korean ₩

3. Set up special Multiple UoM pricing

  • Tiered quantity discounts
  • Custom contract pricing
  • Sale or promotional pricing

Plus: Account for special pricing in your statements, reports and sales commissions automatically.

4. Allow overrides

  • Sell fractions of your normal base unit (Example: Your base unit is dozen and someone wants to buy half a dozen.)
  • Add custom data fields to your system

5. Control unit choices per item

Define how units can be transacted to prevent on-hand inventory mistakes. The Enterprise edition of AccountMate lets you specify the choices that display to your users when an item is looked up.

For example, if an item is set up as a 2-Pack but it’s ONLY authorized to be sold as Each or Dozen, then you can make sure that the 2-Pack configuration isn’t displayed as an option for orders. Each item’s stocking, sales, purchase and storage units may be authorized separately via simple check-boxes to prevent unit-related errors on transactions.

6. Integrate your Multiple UoM across your business

We’ll make sure your unit information flows seamlessly to wherever your people need it:

  • Bar code scanning
  • Lot control and serial number tracking
  • Multiple cost methods for individual items
  • Assemblies, manufacturing, WIP, BOMs and kitting
  • Multiple warehouse and bin locations
  • Sales orders, EDI and ecommerce systems
  • Reporting (by channel, by vendor, by geography, etc.)
  • And more

Here’s how total flexibility is possible for your Multiple UoM setup

Our AccountMate solutions come standard with the ability to handle just about anything that a wholesale distributor or manufacturer could want for complex inventories and supplier networks, large inventories across multiple warehouse locations, and ongoing changes in the market and the company.

AccountMate is the only mid-tier accounting and ERP software that makes its source code available to customers. When you own your source code, ANY aspect of the software is customizable by us or by you. You’re not limited to customization options on a menu somewhere.

If you’re trying to do Multiple Units of Measurement in QuickBooks or other accounting system but it won’t let you set things up the way you need them, AccountMate can do it. You don’t need to buy a high-end system that takes months or years to put into place – AccountMate costs less than a tenth of those big-name systems and we usually go live with a new system in a couple of months. Here at NexLAN we’re experts at implementing and supporting AccountMate well and we can give you many references.

P.S. Are there really no UoM limitations?

Well, some companies have a direct correlation between their multiple units of measurement that is custom for every item. Maybe they buy wire by the foot and sell it by the pound, and the direct correlation depends on the gauge of the wire. A handful of items like that is no problem. If you have thousands of items like that, we can do it but not in a cost-effective manner.

Other than that, we can’t think of any units of measure that people have thrown at us over the years where we didn’t come up with a clean way to set it up for them. We love a good challenge, so tell us what you’ve got!

Flexible Demand Forecasting

A large plumbing supplies distributor has a long lead-time for delivery of many of their products from international manufacturers, and thus they can’t afford a stock-out.

We overlaid a custom demand-forecasting tool that incorporates historical seasonal demand curves of their critical items.