Problem Solved – Frankenstein

Tacked-on software creates a Frankenstein’s monster

It starts out OK

  • Your inventory is growing so you add bar coding to help keep track.
  • You get a sales quoting tool in the cloud, so that anyone talking to a customer has access to the latest info.
  • Your new company website requires a new back-end system for your online orders.

But then it takes on a life of its own

  • Customer Service can’t see the on-hand inventory levels in the warehouse bar-coding system.
  • Customer data is duplicated in Sales, Accounting and Shipping—and the data doesn’t match.
  • Re-keying web orders into your sales order system creates delays and errors.

Your software monster has too many limbs duct-taped together. Your workflow doesn’t flow!

Tame the beast without risking your business

Companies put up with their Frankenstein’s monster for years rather than risk a disaster during a transition to a new system. Production interruptions, data corruptions and cost overruns aren’t feasible.

Don’t worry. We’ve smoothly transitioned many companies from disparate systems to integrated systems. We’ll give you plenty of references as proof.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We use AccountMate
    Its integrated modules and vertical solutions cover any function you could need. And it’s flexible enough to share data with any specialty software you want to keep using.
  2. We define all your functionality up front
  3. We lay out your schedule up front
  4. We minimize your down time to the extreme
  5. We stick to the price we quoted you

If it’s time to replace your Frankenstein’s monster with one integrated system that can grow with your business, we’re here to help!

NexLAN specializes in setting up automations that remove friction from your system—so that nothing slows down your order flow.

Flexible Documentation

At a manufacturer of test equipment for the paper industry, workers sometime lost or forgot to include the requisite “Certificate of Analysis” when shipping the product.

We wrote an input screen for entering the requisite data, and customized their system to print the correct certificate when each serialized product is shipped.