Problem Solved – Incompatible Parts

Stop shipping the wrong add-on items

Do you have these sales order problems?

  • You ship incompatible accessories all the time
  • Your customers call to say needed components weren’t ordered
  • You have to ship new items to fix order mistakes
  • Your company’s growth has increased your inventory complexity and compatibility issues. Your salespeople spend a lot of time looking up product compatibility details

It’s super-easy to prevent the shipment of incompatible add-ons.

If ceiling fan motor #1278 is ordered, you don’t want to mistakenly order fan blades that don’t fit that motor—or accidentally forget a required accessory like the remote control unit.

A flexible order entry system can help. Accuracy is automatic when you’re prompted in the sales order with the correct, compatible add-on choices for each parent item.


  • Get accurate shipments on the first try.
  • Avoid preventable, costly errors.
  • Make your order entry a heck of a lot faster.

Improve your quality control immensely

When your system makes the order entry process fullproof, your folks who enter the orders won’t have to interrupt your product managers to confirm which parts are required and which options are compatible.

You’ll be able to train new people far faster, too, because all your sales rules documented and  built into the system—andrather than only in your senior employees’ heads.

NexLAN specializes in flexible accounting systems for complex inventories

We’ll help you with a system that fits your needs and saves you time. You’ll prevent costly mistakes, like incompatible parts—and prevent avoidable costs while looking good to your customers.