Unique Requirements

Check Out These 13 Examples of Real Life Flexibility

A flexible system from NexLAN stands ready to accommodate your unique requirements, evolve rapidly to meet changing needs, and solve business problems as they emerge.

Flexible Attributes

An exotic leather tannery needed to improve order fulfillment accuracy for its reptile skins – each of which have numerous unique attributes of size, color, grade, etc.

We added these additional elements to each inventory item’s definition and they are then validated against the sales order during picking and shipping.

Flexible Documentation

At a manufacturer of test equipment for the paper industry, workers sometime lost or forgot to include the requisite “Certificate of Analysis” when shipping the product.

We wrote an input screen for entering the requisite data, and customized their system to print the correct certificate when each serialized product is shipped.

Flexible Picking Routes

Workers at a wiring harness manufacturer for classic cars often retraced their steps while picking from 20,000 parts on two floors.

Now their system optimizes each order’s picking route based on bin locations.

Flexible Consigned Inventory

A distributor of trading cards has consigned inventory at more than 10,000 retail locations and needed help tracking their products. 

Now their system gives them instant visibility into their inventory at each store so they know what to replenish.

Flexible Cycle Counts

A client which maintains and services water filtration systems discovered employees regularly not invoicing filters.

We set their system to trigger frequent cycle counts for “high turn” items, which helped them quantify the problem and secure their inventory.

Flexible Pallet Loading

Seed corn is always packaged in bags of 80,000 kernels each – so the weight of each bag varies greatly by variety – yet a shipping pallet can’t exceed 2,000 pounds.

We changed the picking list to specify which bags, and how many, to optimize loading for each order.

Flexible Demand Forecasting

A large plumbing supplies distributor has a long lead-time for delivery of many of their products from international manufacturers, and thus they can’t afford a stock-out.

We overlaid a custom demand-forecasting tool that incorporates historical seasonal demand curves of their critical items.

Flexible Units

A produce distributor orders cantaloupes by the carton. Quantity varies per carton depending on fruit size, so a PO requesting 16-count cartons may result in 24-count cartons being received.

We modified their system to reconcile carton counts, unit counts, cost per unit and other attributes for items like cantaloupes.

Flexible Invoicing

A medical device manufacturer/ distributor has many international clients who prefer their multiple orders to accumulate through the week and then ship en masse each Friday on one invoice.

We configured their system to cache shipments for subsequent consolidated invoicing.

Flexible Serial Numbers

A regional musical instruments retail chain requires items like guitars and amplifiers to be traceable by serial number from purchase to stock to sale.

We set them up with AccountMate’s built-in serial number functionality which gives complete traceability through purchase, stock and sale to customer.

Flexible Languages

A manufacturer of automated welding equipment has Spanish speaking employees at their facility in Mexico, working with English speaking employees from their offices in the U.S. 

We configured their system so each user is presented all menus, screens and reports in their preferred language.

Flexible Status Notifications

A manufacturer and importer of household goods has a network of online resellers who need accurate info about on-hand and available-to-ship inventory status.

NexLAN developed an inventory feed application which automatically delivers the information to resellers via e-mail, FTP and Dropbox.

Flexible Package Tracking

When a manufacturer of surgical instruments greatly expanded international sales, they needed their shipping to handle the tracking of products to all corners of the globe.

NexLAN integrated a shipping solution that includes “cartonization,” which tells their customers exactly what each carton contains when orders are split across multiple boxes.

All these examples are from NexLAN clients. What special thing does your business require?

Let us know how we can help you.