Manufacturing (Enterprise)

AccountMate Enterprise – Manufacturing  Module

With AccountMate’s Manufacturing module, you can easily create work orders wherein you can customize the machine, labor and raw materials required for each step in the production process. You can record manufacturing lead time and monitor the inventory levels of items that you manufacture so you can effectively plan future production. You can break down production into multiple routing steps and start dates. You can post work-in-process up to a
designated step number and work type. It lets you view and print work orders, routing slips, production slips and a wide variety of useful reports. With it, you can monitor bills of materials, work orders, resource usage, backorders, remnants and scraps from work order creation through the posting of finished jobs.

Here’s an overview of the key Manufacturing features. For details click the button below to view or download a PDF brochure.

  • Easy to manage bills of materials
  • Materials requirements planning for component items
  • Ability to copy data
  • Overbooking of resources can be prevented
  • Flexible posting and voiding of work-in-process
  • Choice of calculation methods
  • Unlimited notes and manufacturing instructions
  • Unlimited component items and routing steps
  • Multiple steps, start dates and request dates for work orders
  • Wide selection of documents and reports
  • Integration with other modules
  • Other features