AccountMate Enterprise – Pricing Control Module

If you have to quickly set up or update a complex pricing structure, AccountMate’s Pricing Control module has the tools you need. Some of the features available in this module include price maintenance in one menu location; unlimited multi-level pricing set by order quantity for each item specification and unit-of-measurement; the ability to set minimum prices, multi-currency pricing and pricing based on the most recent sales order or invoice price. This module is ideal for making quick and easy changes to inventory prices with minimal time spent on data entry. The Pricing Control module integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and Item Specification modules.

Here’s an overview of the key Pricing Control Module features. For details click the button below to view or download a PDF brochure.

  • Streamlined multi-tiered pricing structure setup
  • Set minimum selling prices for your inventory
  • Set contract price for each customer
  • Current customer price feature
  • Variable pricing based on unit-of-measurement and item specification
  • Simultaneous update to multi-level prices and basic prices
  • Integration with other modules
  • Other features
AccountMate Enterprise – Pricing Control Module – Module Fact Sheet PDF
AccountMate Enterprise - Pricing Control Module