Bank Reconciliation (for SQL)

AccountMate for SQL – Bank Reconciliation Module

Track your dollars in the bank and keep them safe

With the Bank Reconciliation Module you can:

  1. See what you have in your bank account to the penny, instantly, in real time.
  2. Have deposits and checks reconciled by just importing a file from your bank.
  3. Reduce your risk for fraud. With positive pay, only checks on the list you output to your bank will get paid.

Every organization needs to keep a careful eye on their cash flow

But running spreadsheets on the side is risky way to monitor your balance. You want to base your money decisions on current, accurate numbers.

Your cash is also at risk because it’s insanely easy these days for fraudsters to print checks that look like yours.

Rest assured that your cash is under control

Keeping an accurate tab on your cash flow is an essential part of managing your business, and AccountMate’s Bank Reconciliation module makes it a breeze. With this module, you can record miscellaneous disbursements, receipts, and bank transfers that are not logged in other AccountMate modules. You can indicate which transactions have cleared the bank and reconcile your book entries with the bank statements. You can set up and update bank accounts and specify the currency in which transactions will be recorded for each one. You can quickly view your current bank account balance, the last reconciled bank statement balance, the total amount of unreconciled bank transactions, and the projected cash flow. This keeps you well-informed of your company’s real-time cash position.

Watch your money like a hawk, automatically with AccountMate.

This video highlights 3 key benefits of the AccountMate Bank Reconciliation module:

  1. Know your up-to-the-second cash position – also useful for validating the Balance Sheet
  2. Besides a manual reconciliation process, you can import bank-provided files for automatic transaction clearing to greatly speed up the process
  3. Built-in ability to generate Positive Pay files for uploading to your bank for fraud prevention

For details click the button to view or download a PDF brochure.

 Screen Showing the Bank Reconciliation Module ACCOUNTMATE FOR SQL – BANK RECONCILIATION MODULE