Kitting (for SQL)

AccountMate for SQL – Kitting Module

AccountMate’s Kitting module expands the inherent capabilities of the Inventory Control module, allowing you to create and manage inventory items that are packaged/ sold together as a single unit.

The Kitting module is designed to be used by manufacturers and distributors whose goods are often resold in many different configurations. Users can decide whether assembled units of a kit item must be kept in stock or whether they can be packaged on the fly as orders are received. Kit items can be sold using a predefined formula or customized per order. This module tracks items when they are sold as part of a kit and provides the necessary reports to help you determine whether you have sufficient stock to meet existing kit orders thereby allowing you to make sound and up-to-the-minute inventory management decisions. The Kitting module integrates with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, and Return Merchandise Authorization modules.

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 Screen Showing the Kitting Module ACCOUNTMATE FOR SQL – KITTING MODULE