Manufacturing Configurator (for SQL)

AccountMate for SQL – Manufacturing Configurator Module

The Manufacturing Configurator Module provides user-definable, dynamic tools that let a manufacturer define and enforce rules for its product options, to ensure that orders can only be taken for products that the company can deliver, and that bills of materials are automatically consistent with sales orders.

For example, if a company builds multiple lines of garage doors, but one line is only available with certain glass styles, every bill of materials for that door can only be created with appropriate glass choices. This is true for every element of the garage door, from door size to available paint options.

This facilitates reduction in product engineering time, increased bill of materials accuracy, reduction of duplicate bills of materials, and version control of product engineering—and ultimately ensures that the product can be delivered as ordered, increasing customer satisfaction.

This module integrates with AccountMate’s Manufacturing module.

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 Screen Showing the Manufacturing Configurator Module ACCOUNTMATE FOR SQL – MANUFACTURING CONFIGURATOR MODULE