Purchase Order (for SQL)

AccountMate for SQL – Purchase Order Module

The Purchase Order module gives you more control over a full range of purchasing activities. You can record vendor lead times and plan purchases based on the lead time, safety stock, reorder point, and reorder quantity information. You have the option to accrue a liability for purchases at the time the goods are received and reverse the accrual when you record the invoice in the Accounts Payable module.

You can set AccountMate to either track the accrued liability in summary per purchase order receipt or in detail per line item. You can also accrue landed costs and allocate them to the purchased items. When creating purchase orders, you have a plethora of information about each inventory item at your fingertip which helps you select the right item every time. You get to define which items are for resale and which ones are solely for in-house use. When the Purchase Order module is integrated with AccountMate’s Accounts Payable module, you can require that invoices be supported by purchase orders before they can be recorded in AccountMate.

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 Screen Showing the Purchase Order Module ACCOUNTMATE FOR SQL – PURCHASE ORDER MODULE