Sales Configurator (for SQL)

AccountMate for SQL – Sales Configurator Module

The Sales Configurator Module provides companies with great flexibility to develop, automate and enforce rules for ordering the products they sell.

It confirms that all quotes and orders entered into AccountMate include only products that the company can deliver. For example, if a company sells multiple lines of garage doors, but one line is only available in black and white, every order for that door can only be entered in a black or white color choice. This is true for every element of the garage door, from door size to available window options.

This facilitates reduction of order entry time, order entry errors, employee training time for order entry, and product engineering time. It also increases product margins through accurate pricing, and prevents duplicate and inaccurate bills of materials.

The Sales Order Configurator module integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules.

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 Screen Showing the Sales Configurator Module ACCOUNTMATE FOR SQL – SALES CONFIGURATOR MODULE