Warehouse & Inventory Management

Bar Code Scanning for AccountMate

ACCU-DART integrates with AccountMate and bar coding to provide strong inventory control, making it easy and automatic to keep your inventory data accurate and to ship the correct items to your customers.

Picking accuracy is the #1 reason NexLAN’s clients get ACCU-DART

As you pick, you scan the item’s bar code and ACCU-DART immediately verifies that it’s the correct item for that sales order or job.

Stop shipping the wrong items to your customers. Stop spending time and money on re-shipping and RMAs.

Get control of your inventory


1. Efficiency

  • ACCU-DART saves you time. By updating your inventory transactions in real time, your AccountMate data stays current and you save countless labor hours in the warehouse and in the office

2. Inventory Accuracy

  • ACCU-DART verifies directly with AccountMate that the correct items are being scanned for every transaction, reducing errors and improving inventory accuracy.

3. Affordability

  • ACCU-DART is reasonably priced and 100% modular. Just like AccountMate, you buy only the modules that are relevant to your operations.

4. Direct Integration with AccountMate

  • ACCU-DART and AccountMate stay in sync any time you make an inquiry, update an item, do a warehouse transfer, assign serial numbers and lot numbers, do a physical inventory count, and more.

5. Flexibility

  • ACCU-DART offers a large array of modules which provide essential functionality for your business, and each can be customized to your needs.

Let every AccountMate user see current inventory status for all your items, all the time

ACCU-DART is simple enough for any user to learn. You simply scan each item being moved, and then hit the Post button on your handheld scanner’s screen when all items in a transaction have been scanned.

  • Receiving
  • Putting away
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Picking
  • Shipping

ACCU-DART allows your warehouse staff to instantly and automatically update AccountMate, removing the time lags between when an item is moved and when AccountMate knows it’s been moved. No need to wait until the end of the day, or longer, for someone to manually key in received items to update AccountMate.

You can trust your inventory data to be accurate

Anyone in your company who’s accessing inventory data will see the latest information.

  • How many are available in stock to sell to this customer right now?
  • I’m cutting a PO for this supplier—are we low on inventory levels for any other items from them?
  • What’s the combined inventory count for this item across all of our warehouses?

ACCU-DART tracks serial numbers and lot numbers too

You can stop re-typing lot control numbers or serial numbers or even bin numbers too. They’re scanned and validated from the bar codes at the moment of activity, making it easy to trace items back later when needed. Eliminate typos from re-keying numbers. And eliminate the problem of errors flowing to downstream transactions for the items.

ACCU-DART makes it easier to do cycle counts

Cycle counts help you minimize the business disruption of shutting the business down to do a full physical inventory count. By counting smaller batches of items on different schedules according to the importance of each item type, you can catch variances sooner and get book inventory corrected in a timely basis.

ACCU-DART keeps your inventory data in great shape so that counting errors are rare and cycle counts proceed quickly. Imagine ending a cycle count with zero variance!

Pick and ship the correct items every time

ACCU-DART integrates directly with AccountMate, so all inquiries and updates happens in the same system. That means, if the sales order includes a red item, and you accidentally pick a blue one from the bin, you’ll be instantly alerted that it’s not the correct item.

  • Avoid the fire drills where everyone has to drop everything to deal with an unhappy customer who needs the correct item rush-shipped and an RMA to return the wrong item.

Suppose you ship 5,000 orders per month, and currently 2% of them contain a wrong item. And it costs you $150 in hard costs like freight to redo the orders. That’s $15,000 per month in expense that ACCU-DART can put an end to.

Our clients who’ve added ACCU-DART have seen fast returns on their investments. And improved customer goodwill.

P.S. If your problem isn’t *picking and shipping* wrong items—it’s *selling* wrong items like incompatible parts and accessories—NexLAN can help you prevent adding incompatible parts to sales orders as well.

Use a single source of data and keep track of your items in ONE place

ACCU-DART helps you eliminate synchronization and reconciliation issues. When the status of an item in inventory is noted in multiple places outside of your AccountMate system, discrepancies abound and accuracy suffers.

  • Data on sticky note reminders on the computer monitor in the warehouse
  • Data in the most senior warehouse worker’s head—the only person in the company who remembers the extra boxes up on the top shelf and the overflow storage shelf location for that item you bought a truckload of on sale two years ago
  • Three physical items hidden under a salesperson’s desk because they didn’t trust that the items promised to their customer wouldn’t get accidentally sold to someone else
  • Data on paper stacked in the inbox of your data entry person who’s out sick
  • Data in a spreadsheet that someone updates more often than they update AccountMate
  • Data in warehouse management software that’s not integrated with the AccountMate financial management system
  • Data on a whiteboard that’s updated with dry erase markers and erasers

ACCU-DART makes it easy to consolidate all inventory data into a single database and keep it current at all times. No data is stored elsewhere—not even in the bar code scanner devices—because everything is directly stored in AccountMate in real time.

Everybody in your organization is using the same data and the same reporting system to make business decisions. At NexLAN, we like to call that “removing friction from your business system.”

ACCU-DART provides accuracy plus timeliness of information

Check out the ACCU-DART implementation checklist in our newsletter article, Bar Code Scanning for AccountMate. Let us know your questions specific to your inventory management needs or request an ACCU-DART demo that covers the areas you’re interested in. We’re here to help your AccountMate system enhance your business operations.