Take AccountMate on the Road

There’s no need for your sales team to be chained to their desks. They can take AccountMate with them, with the help of AMmobile for AccountMate, the only native iPad and iPhone app for AccountMate.

AMmobile is built for companies that need to sell from mobile locations and need to integrate that mobile sales activity with their accounting and inventory systems.

It handles everything sales-related in one easy mobile app. You can create quotes, sell product, scan bar codes, accept credit cards, get driving directions, add customer notes, check inventory status, and more, all at your fingertips!

AMmobile comes in two versions to fit different ways of selling:

1. AMmobile for AccountMate: Walk-Up Sales

For sales teams that complete same-day transactions—such as selling from a truck or at a trade show, or selling to a customer who’s selecting products while walking a showroom floor—AMmobile Walk-Up Sales allows real-time inventory and pricing lookup, bar code scanning to add items to an order, credit card swiping for instant payment, and product shipment to complete transactions on the spot.

Cool features include: A Shipping Only mode for product pickup, such as at a Will Call window where a clerk is handing out products for an order that’s already in the system; the ability to attach electronic signatures of receipt to invoices; Sales Trends reports to view top-selling product lines, items and sales amounts; and tools to manage customer contact information.

See a list of all the new AMmobile Walk-Up Sales features.

2. AMmobile for AccountMate: Sales Tracker

For sales teams that manage longer sales cycles—including lead development, travelling to prospects’ locations, creating quotes, getting order approvals, tracking sales follow-up activities and coordinating tasks with colleagues—AMmobile Sales Tracker makes it possible to develop customer relationships and cover the sales process beginning-to-end efficiently, digitally, while on the road.

Cool features include: CRM tools to manage leads and prospects; Sales Trends reports to view top-selling customers, territories or products; and Task Management including To Do lists, alerts, appointments, assigning tasks to team members, and associating tasks and attachments with a customer, contact, transaction or other task.

See a list of all the new AMmobile Sales Tracker features.

When salespeople have to wait to catch up on orders back at the office, it delays everything from order processing and customer service, to billing and more.

Instead, with AMmobile it’s easy for salespeople to sell instantly from anywhere—without having to be at their desks to follow up with customers and team members.

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