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Keeping up with the depreciation schedules of numerous fixed assets is always a challenge for mid-tier businesses, so automate it with Bassets eDepreciation!  Scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of fixed assets, it allows you to control costs, maximize tax savings and meet all GAAP and IFRS reporting requirements with intelligent data entry wizards and automatic validation of depreciation schedule information.

Most importantly, Bassets also shares fixed asset data with AccountMate’s General Ledger via it’s one-click export functionality in the correct format for importing and posting to your core financial system.

Watch this 13-minute overview of Bassets Fixed Assets:

Bassets eDepreciation system

Manage your business assets, control your costs, maximize tax savings and meet all your reporting requirements with Bassets eDepreciation system.  Available in four different versions sized by number of assets supported (Compact up to 1,000; WorkGroup up to 10,000; Standard up to 100,000; and Enterprise unlimited) which all share the same core functionality and Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine.

Selected by NexLAN as one of our four AccountMate Necessories, highlights of the Bassets Fixed Asset System include:
  • Flexible data conversion from fixed asset spreadsheets and other commercial fixed asset management software packages.
  • Intelligent fixed asset data entry with automatic validation of fixed asset depreciation schedule information.
  • Ability to dynamically calculate fixed asset depreciation “on-the-fly” for historical, present and future periods.
  • Over 20 standard reports (each one is sortable and / or filterable) and eDepreciation also supports SQL Report writing for customizable reports.
  • Easily interface fixed asset data with General Ledger Accounting software with our powerful depreciation export.
  • A choice of three “landing pages” when entering the application, improving your productivity

Bassets Fixed Assets is a Necessory

Here at NexLAN we highlight a few extensions as “Necessories,” or Necessary Accessories for every AccountMate system – extensions that you can’t live without! They make every business easier to operate and more productive.

Every business needs to manage fixed assets without paying an outside accountant. 

Bassets Fixed Assets delivers huge value in this area, integrates seamlessly to AccountMate, and is fully serviced and supported by NexLAN. 

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