InfoTrac Customer Relationship Management

Infotrac CRM

This add-on for AccountMate is a comprehensive CRM package that’s both tightly integrated with AccountMate and flexible enough to seamlessly work with the other software and peripherals you already depend on.

Why CRM?

According to research firm CRMGuru, customers rarely said that they choose one company over another because of the price or functionality of the product (less than 20% of those surveyed).  Instead, the majority of the preference was related to the service provided by the company.  In short, customers prefer working with companies who take good care of them.

The Customer Relationship Management module runs far deeper than providing a set of technological tools to make your business run more smoothly.  It’s a business strategy that places the customer at the heart of your organization’s processes, activities, and culture, and facilitates taking good care of your customers.

Businesses are recognizing that the knowledge they have of their customers is their most valuable asset. Your ability to understand, predict, and respond to a customer’s needs and requirements is key to the relationships you develop and maintain. Strong relationships translate to stronger long-term success.

Go Ahead and Dream

  • What if when a customer’s invoice is past due, your system automatically sent a reminder notice via email with an attached PDF of the account statement?
  • What if you could automatically design email or mass mailing lists based on previous sales trends? And then track your results within the same system that generates your quotes and manages your contacts?

The Infotrac Customer Relationship Management for AccountMate can easily handle these scenarios and more by capitalizing on two key advantages: integration and customization.

Connection vs. Integration

This integrated CRM solution creates a comprehensive environment for better understanding your customers.

Other contact managers, in contrast, even when “connected” in their own rudimentary fashion to other applications, fail to provide the reporting tools or detailed analysis on customer data found in the CRM. By their limited nature, typical contact management programs do not permit the required level of integration with the accounting system or “backend” of an organization.

True integration provides streamlined access to customer information, purchasing trends, year-to-date sales, profit and margin information, and other account information such as order status, accounts receivable and accounts payable. This CRM easily handles these requests and, thanks to the high level of available customization, provides them in an environment unique to your business.

Working with You

You depend on AccountMate as a flexible, scalable, and reliable accounting system. Why shouldn’t your CRM solution be the same?

It’s highly customizable. From the layout of fields and screens to the structure of your contact categories, it works the way you work.  Instead of being forced to change your flow of operations to work with the solution, it’s flexible and bends to the way you work.

It not only tightly integrates with your existing AccountMate modules, but it seamlessly coordinates with a variety of software and solutions you already use.  You won’t stop depending on Microsoft Office, your handheld and portable devices, or countless other pieces of technology that are part of your daily work life – this is a CRM that will help you use them better!

CRM Functions and Features

Infotrac Customer Relationship Management for AccountMate provides a long list of functions, including:

  • Quick access to current information on clients and contacts
  • Immediate access to your clients’ complete informational history
  • Easy management of past, current and future interactions with your clients, employees and suppliers
  • Automatic management of your meetings, phone calls, emails and tasks
  • Perceptive reporting and analysis of pertinent, real-time information
  • Centralization of contacts, calendars and other information
  • Calendaring and personal productivity tools

And it’s especially powerful for Sales Force Automation. It automates every step in the sales cycle, even providing synchronization with an outside sales force, ensuring your sales people always have current product, pricing, and customer information.


The Sales Force Automation abilities include:

  • Complete Sales Forecasting
  • Quotes
  • Sales Force Productivity Tools
  • Lead Management
  • Productivity and Profitability Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Telemarketing Follow-Up Tools
  • Win / Loss Sales Analysis
  • Crystal-based Reports

INFOtrac is a Necessory

Here at NexLAN we highlight a few extensions as “Necessories,” or Necessary Accessories for every AccountMate system – extensions that you can’t live without! They make every business easier to operate and more productive.

Every business needs to efficiently keep track of prospects, customers, quotes and next actions. 

INFOtrac Customer Relationship Management delivers huge value in this area, integrates seamlessly to AccountMate, and is fully serviced and supported by NexLAN. 

Ensure that everyone in your organization is in tune with the latest customer activity and data

Nearly every business, regardless of scope and size, can benefit from a comprehensive, integrated CRM solution. Explore a business strategy that’s demonstrably focused on providing the best possible service to your customers.