Maximize the Productivity & Profitability of Your Jobs

Does your company use job costing or project accounting to manage finances by job?
JobCost from iSOFT Systems organizes your estimates, materials, labor, costs, change orders, invoices, reporting and more by job, giving you the financial controls to track and manage job revenue and costs.
Everything is organized by job, including cost types, cost codes, estimates, ongoing updates and breakouts of estimates, materials, time and labor.

  • Create jobs or projects
  • Build detailed estimates and budgets
  • Track actual and committed costs
  • Issue change orders
  • Bill jobs
  • Report on job progress

Analyze job-specific labor hours, estimates, cost, gross profit and more in AccountMate, with JobCost from iSOFT Systems. 

JobCost makes AccountMate fluent in the language of job costing, with the ability to do things like:

  • Invoice by retention for earned amounts.
  • Keep everything for the job on aging until the job is closed so you have a full picture of the job’s billings, payments and estimates to discuss with your customer.
  • View summary reports by job. “How am I doing? I’m 95% complete, I’ve gone over on labor, I still have materials left.”
  • Click to drill down on labor costs to see details all the way to every time card.
  • Just to name a few of the many job-specific capabilities!
    It’s so well-integrated with your system that it looks like any AccountMate module, making it familiar and easy to learn. It works with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and System Manager modules.
    And of course, it’s fully flexible just like AccountMate, so that any aspect large or small can be modified to fit the way your company does business.

Get clear visibility into financial details by job

With JobCost, the contractor or project manager controls and manages the project with easy access to information such as the project status, key dates, key personnel, billing method, retention percentage, percentage complete, earned revenue, contract amount and billed to date amount.
Since the actual costs are posted to the projects from the AccountMate modules in real time, the contractor or project manager can quickly review the up-to-date costs in detail or summarized by cost type and compare them to the estimate.
Contact us for a demo of JobCost to see how it could handle your type of jobs.