Maximize Productivity & Profitability

JobCost is designed to provide the tools to maximize productivity and profitability for the small to mid-sized contractor or for the business that needs project costing. It is seamlessly integrated with AccountMate’s accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory control, purchase order and sales order modules for their SQL platform. JobCost’s functionality and interface are so similar to AccountMate’s; it actually appears to be an AccountMate module.

The contractor or project manager controls and manages the project with easy access to information such as the project status, key dates, key personnel, billing method, retention percentage, percentage complete, earned revenue, contract amount and billed to date amount. Since the actual costs are posted to the projects from the AccountMate modules in real time, the contractor or project manager can quickly review the up to date costs in detail or summarized by cost type and compare them to the estimate.