NexReports™ Eliminates Document Delivery Costs

Accelerate your payment collection cycles too!

Price: $1,500 plus installation & configuration
Compatible with: AccountMate SQL and SQL/Express V8/V9/V10
Complete product info in Adobe® Acrobat® format here.

NexReports automatically e-mails built-in and custom reports using your AccountMate system as its information backbone.

NexReports sends built-in reports such as Invoices, Statements, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to external e-mail addresses of your customers and vendors; or built-in reports such as Open Sales Orders, AR Aging, or Inventory Reorder Report to internal e-mail addresses of your customer service representatives or purchasing agents.

Thus, your customers and vendors receive information quickly and at ZERO incremental delivery cost – completely eliminating your printing, envelope, preparation, paper and mailing costs – while members of your organizations are automatically alerted to critical information without having to manually pull it.

And while there are other options available for e-mailing information from your system, none use the native AccountMate Crystal Reports.  Modifications to, say, the customer invoice have to be done TWICE with those solutions.  With NexReports, the built-in AccountMate reports are used, so all customizations to your reports seamlessly appear in all e-mailed reports.

In addition to built-in reports, numerous custom reports have also been developed to benefit your business – such as automatically sending Dunning Notices to customer X days past due, which dramatically improves your payment collection cycle.

NexReports also allows the flexibility of sending to individual or group e-mail address and specifying cc: and bcc: addresses on each report for including, say, the salesperson on communication to their customers.

Note: Installation of NexReports requires no AccountMate source code and makes no customizations to your system, so future upgrades are not impacted.

Note: NexReports is available exclusively to direct AccountMate clients of NexLAN, LLC.

NexReports is a Necessory

Here at NexLAN we highlight a few extensions as “Necessories,” or Necessary Accessories for every AccountMate system – extensions that you can’t live without! They make every business easier to operate and more productive.

Every business needs to automatically e-mail invoices and other notices to the appropriate people. 

NexReports delivers huge value in this area, integrates seamlessly to AccountMate, and is fully serviced and supported by NexLAN. 

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