Backup Your AccountMate Company & System Databases On Demand with NexSQLBack™

Price: $200 (BP discounts available)
Compatible with: AccountMate SQL and SQL/Express Versions 6.x – 12.x
Complete product info in Adobe® Acrobat® format here.

Few things in your company are more important than the data of your financial management system. And while you’re sure you have an automated backup in place, data inside a SQL Server takes special handling to back up – so you need to be SURE it’s working! There are also occasions when you need to do a “quick backup” such as before a month or year-end closing or major changes to the data, like before starting a physical inventory count, and the process using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Console can be complex and tedious to the typical end-user.

NexSQLBack provides a simple graphical user interface to perform a “backup to a file” of the company database and, optionally, the AccountMate system database, AMWSYS, to a local hard drive on your database server.

While not a substitute for regular, automated backups – or a database maintenance plan – NexSQLBack has proven itself a genuine lifesaver in numerous installations as the “snapshot file” created by NexSQLBack is then easily backed up by simple file-based backup programs on your server and provides an excellent reference point for restoration in the event of catastrophic data failure. Hopefully you’ll never need the snapshot file, but if one day you do, NexSQLBack doesn’t do the restore of the SQL database; you’ll need to reach out to NexLAN support or to your IT department for that.

Creating a Backup

NexSQLBack is added as an additional option in AccountMate’s menu under <Utilities> <Data Manager>, which is only accessible with the “supervisor” password.

Upon selection of the option and the <Process> button, the application screen below appears to let you select the option of a “month end” backup (which will be automatically named appropriately), or an “extraordinary backup” (which allows you to provide a short descriptive name for the backup. Optionally, you may also backup the AccountMate system database, AMWSYS.


The utility provides informational messages as the process runs, including notification that it’s complete.

Please note that the backup location is relative to the drives on your database server (i.e. it’s “from the server perspective”, as though you were sitting at the server keyboard) and is defined in a configuration file, named, in the root directory of the AccountMate installation.


Also, if you have more than one active company in AccountMate you will need to execute NexSQLBack from each company, in which case the AMWSYS database need only be selected once.

Note: Installation of NexSQLBack requires no AccountMate source code and makes no customizations to your system, so future upgrades are not impacted.