Nowsight Business Intelligence

Transform Data into Real-Time Results

Even with the proliferation of data within companies, the vast majority of data collected and created isn’t used to improve the business, or react quickly to issues, or uncover trends. Dashboards, scorecards, and KPIs all seek to do those things but, almost every time, they fail because they still require personnel and time to crunch the numbers and do the analysis across numerous systems and data silos.

Then, when delivered as weekend or month-end reports, the data is out-of-date and obsolete—so you’ve lost critical time to address issues, which adds problems and missed opportunities.

Nowsight’s Simple BI for AccountMate is a game changer, taking operational visibility—and ACTIONABILITY—to new levels by combining always up-to-date data from multiple sources in real-time.


Business runs in real-time. So should management ability.

Case Study: Seegars Fence Company

A manager at NexLAN client Seegars Fence used to have to spend 3-5 hours every weekend consolidating weekly data sent from each of their 14 branches, into a single unwieldy and quirky Excel spreadsheet. And still it was tough for people to gain useful insights from the data. And, by the time she sent out the final spreadsheet internally, the data was too old to be actionable.

Do you have someone who’s sending out regular reports like that too?

Seegars Fence added Nowsight Business Intelligence to their AccountMate system. Now branches and company management can see the data in real time, any time, in a graphical web page that’s easy to understand and act on.

That improvement and others from Nowsight transformed the company:

  • They eliminated 4,000 hours annually in reporting business performance data, freeing up the equivalent of two full-time employees
  • They delivered six times more data to company leadership than past reporting systems, and the information is available 24×7

“We realized we could leap 10 years forward, basically overnight, and make decisions based on real-time information. We were just blown away and thought, ‘this is going to be unbelievable.’ And it has been.”

–Ben Seegars, Seegars CEO

Imagine the power of managers and shift-leaders knowing what’s happening in real-time

In addition to classic dashboard views—even on mobile devices—alerts can be sent via text or email and set to be triggered by performance thresholds met (or missed), inventory levels hitting pre-determined levels, exception identification—or virtually any data point for real-time alerting.

The insight of a business intelligence tool, at a fraction of the cost and effort of a highly customized solution

As a plug-in to AccountMate, Simple BI is integrated to provide easy-to-use visual dashboards and alerts that deliver up-to-the-minute actionable insights—including the flexibility to expand or change things at any time.

  • Pre-configured dashboards provide easy-to-understand visualization
  • Full integration with your existing AccountMate system, pulling real-time data
  • Smart goals show PROGRESS against your targets in the reporting periods—unlike old-fashioned KPIs that only show “red” until you hit them at the end of the month and don’t provide enough information to react during the period
  • Powerful dashboard elements with drill-down functionality
  • Free report writer to customize your own reports
  • Affordable monthly subscription with unlimited users; no recurring maintenance/upgrade fees

Wondering how long it takes to set up a good visual dashboard?

Nowsight offers pre-built plug-ins for common business challenges. For example, if you want to see a color-coded real-time report of on-time order shipping status across your company, there’s a Sales Order Playing Field tool ready to go. See its features and what it looks like in our newsletter article, Nowsight “Open Order Playing Field” BI Plug-In.

Never run another sales report. It’s really that simple.

For more information, here’s a recording of our webinar presenting Nowsight Simple BI before a live audience of AccountMate end-users