Fully Integrated Shipping Solution

ShipIT is a shipping solution that integrates your AccountMate Ship Sales Order and Create Invoice screens to UPS, FedEx and USPS – passing out the customer ship-to address and, optionally, the total item weight; receiving back the shipping price, cost and tracking number; and printing carrier approved labels.

ShipIT also optionally allows you to create multiple packages/boxes from one order, integrate to an electronic scale, calculate/include insurance value, assign 3rd party billing account numbers for the shipments, and e-mail the tracking numbers to the customer for each order.

This fully integrated shipping solution will allow for you to process shipments from within the Ship Sales Order and or Create Invoice Screens. It allows you to create multiple packages/boxes and automatically calculate the weight of them by using the weight field from the AccountMate inventory, also it automatically and accurately calculates the insurance value for each package and allows you to assign 3rd party billing from account number stored in the AccountMate customer record, all seamlessly integrated.

  • Tracking packages is a breeze, you can track within AccountMate and either email or print the results on a report.
  • Supports Terminal Server, Citrix, and WAN connections
  • Add-on module for Accu-Dart Available!

AKA Consulting has provided shipping solutions for AccountMate for over 15 years.

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