Fully Integrated Shipping Solution for AccountMate

ShipIt for AccountMate provides many time-saving features for order fulfillment and makes it easy for you to ship and track a high volume of packages, by integrating your AccountMate with your shipments all in one dashboard.

Do you ship more than a dozen packages per day?

If so, it’s worthwhile to look at the potential time savings from adding ShipIt

ShipIt sends the shipper your customer’s ship-to address from AccountMate, and, optionally, your customer’s shipper account number. Then it receives details of the shipment back, and writes them to the AccountMate invoice—the package weight, value, freight cost, insurance cost, tracking number, etc. ShipIt also prints carrier-approved labels and electronic call tags.

Powered by the widely-used cloud-based ShipStation (over 100,000 ERP and eCommerce customers), ShipIt supports UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post and more—with LTL coming soon. Even allows you to shop across carriers to find the best prices.

Do you need to ship and track multiple packages per invoice? No problem. Do you want to process labels or get package tracking alerts on your iOS or Android phone? No problem. Check out the list of features ShipIt adds to your AccountMate system:

    Capabilities of ShipIt

    ShipIt can’t pack your items in boxes for you, but it sure can make much of the rest of your shipping process faster and easier!

    • Interfaces to UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and numerous other shippers (any carrier that ShipStation supports)
    • Lets you browse rates and select the most cost-effective shipping option
    • Pulls customer ship-to address from the AccountMate Sales Order or Customer Invoice (but not RMA) and passes it to the shipper
    • Optionally totals the weight of the line items, as defined in AccountMate <Inventory Maintenance>, as the weight of the order
    • Can integrate with a USB scanner to pull actual weight, including packaging, for accurate freight cost (see Compatible Hardware – Electronic Scales)
    • Supports cartonization (assigning line items to specific boxes of a multi-package shipment)
    • Calculates and includes package insurance value
    • Supports 3rd party and consignee billing
    • Writes the carrier freight cost back into AccountMate, including the option to up-charge that amount per your formulas
    • Writes the carrier tracking number back into AccountMate in the “remarks” section of the shipping document
    • Includes an amend shipment function (if the shipment hasn’t been closed for the day)
    • Prints carrier-approved shipping labels (see Compatible Hardware – Printers)
    • Can include your corporate branding on shipping labels and automatic emails
    • Create and submit return labels and electronic call tags
    • Supports mobile devices—you can commit the carrier shipment from a phone or tablet while scanning the order number via bar code
    • Can integrate with the ACCU-DART bar coding and warehouse management AccountMate plug-in
    • Supports e-mail notifications of shipments to your customers, 3rd parties and consignees as defined by you
    • Can send SMS (text message) tracking updates
    • Allows dimensional weight cross reference tables
    • Supports desktop, Terminal Server, Citrix, and WAN connections
    • No modifications required to your AccountMate system and no need to install software on your local workstation
    • Requires a subscription to ShipStation

      How is ShipIt better than the free UPS/WorldShip, FedEx and USPS applications?

      Here’s what ShipIt brings to the table that those don’t:

      • Single interface to all carriers—a simple and consistent processes
      • No need to maintain addresses in multiple systems—all address info is pulled from AccountMate
      • Automatically writes the carrier tracking number back into AccountMate—so no copy/paste required (or forgetting to do that)
      • Automatically writes the carrier freight cost back into AccountMate—including the ability to up-charge that amount according to user-defined formulas

      AKA Consulting has provided shipping solutions for AccountMate, including to many NexLAN clients, for many years. Complete details, including screen shots and a pre-recorded demo, are available on AKA’s ShipIt for AccountMate page.

      Contact NexLAN with your questions about how ShipIt can handle your company’s specific shipping requirements.