V2 Cloud

Cloud Hosting for AccountMate and Windows Desktop Applications

V2 Cloud provides the reliability and quality of a giant cloud company at prices for small and medium businesses. The speedy performance (up to 10x faster than other clouds) and simpler implementation is just gravy on top!

Jump straight to a white paper overview of V2 Cloud Hosted Desktops & Servers covering how to reduce security risks, increase employee productivity and save on IT time and expense.


Benefits of putting your AccountMate system in the cloud

1. Let your team work remotely

More people are working remotely all the time and need to access your AccountMate from home or their mobile devicewith the ability to switch devices anytime.

Then there’s the classic “traveling staff” who are regularly onsite to customers and vendors or working from a coffee shop and need AccountMate at their fingertips as easily as when they’re in your office.

2. Reduce your capital expenses immediately

AccountMate will run on V2 Cloud servers with the latest generation of computer hardware and you won’t pay for the continuous hardware and performance upgrades; it’s included. Each of your users has a private virtual desktop on their screen and you only pay for what you need, whether you have one user or thousands.

With the V2 Cloud BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, you don’t need to manage employee-owned equipment because those devices work just as easily yet don’t put any of your data on them.

Software updates are centralized, ensuring updates happen automatically for all your users. Besides AccountMate, V2 Cloud can run MS-Office and all your Windows and custom applications with their unique configurations too and no VPN is required.

Best of all, no up-front setup fees and V2 Cloud is a month-to-month subscription plan you can level-budget for.

3. Reduce IT costs too

Many NexLAN clients don’t have an in-house IT department—they have one person, or part of one person’s time, or they outsource everything to an IT services company.

Now you can leverage large-scale infrastructure and expertise at no extra charge.

V2 Cloud lets you automate the routine management of your business applications—such as setting up new staff, seasonal workers, and consultants quickly with a pre-configured desktop template.

4. Increase security, and strengthen your ability to maintain business continuity

Nobody wants to spend a nightmare week with all systems down while recovering from a ransomware attack or have to piece data together manually after a hard disk crash from an incomplete paper trail, but we’ve seen exactly this happen too often…

V2 Cloud servers are backed up automatically every night and can be restored to any day in the prior week, so the peace-of-mind of knowing you’ll be able to keep your business running after a business disruption or data loss is worth the move all by itself.

Reduce your risks from:

  • Viruses, hacks, phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Data breaches, regulatory compliance failures (HIPPA, PCI, AICPA) and penalties
  • Fire, flood, blizzard, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, other disasters
  • Hard drive and server crashes, network crashes, failure of old equipment
  • Theft
  • Human error


See more about the importance of automated backups of your AccountMate System and NexLAN’s recommended guidelines.

Data privacy note:

With AccountMate, your company’s financial data remains accessible only to you, even if it’s in the cloud. This isn’t the case with all accounting software. For example, Intuit accesses its QuickBooks customers’ financial data to tailor and sell lines of credit and other products from its QuickBooks Financing division, and uses aggregated customer financial data to power its QuickBooks industry benchmarking feature.

For the visual learners in the crowd, here’s a quick video overview

What’s it like to run AccountMate in the V2 Cloud?

Life won’t change for your AccountMate users as, once logged in, they’ll be in their familiar Windows desktop environmentso no learning curve required and there’s no issue with your existing or future AccountMate customizations, third-party AccountMate plug-ins, or Windows desktop applications like MS-Office.

Oh yeah, and system performance for users will be the same as it is now—or, more likely, better due to running on high-performance hardware. V2 Cloud has the highest speed of any cloud workspace for businesses.

Want all the geeky technical specs?

For the most current details and to learn about their secure data centers, multi-factor authentications, RFID access, multi-layer firewalls, anti-DDoS protection, physically locked access to your data, and more, check out V2 Cloud’s website.

The bottom line is that V2 Cloud is far more secure and current than what small and mid-sized organizations can replicate in-house.

Are you thinking about moving AccountMate to the cloud?

The move to V2 Cloud requires no data conversion or AccountMate upgrade (at least for systems released in the last 10 years), so ask your IT folks to add V2 Cloud to the short list for serious consideration and give us a call for references or to chat about experiences we and our clients have had with running AccountMate on different clouds.

There’s also technical info, webinars, competitive comparisons, etc. that we can point you to—in addition to our NewsLine article about NexLAN’s V2 Cloud experience, with pricing examples.