Finally, a 21st Century ERP Solution

Originally, business led consumers in the digital revolution of computerization. Then 20 years ago, consumers began taking the lead with the shift to mobility—the Internet always at their fingertips for GPS, mobile payments, sharing cell phone pics, having-an-app-for-that, and more.

Finally, business software has caught up—to provide forward-thinking companies a competitive advantage!

Acumatica: Born in the Cloud

A fresh 21st century browser-based architecture, Acumatica is a “True Cloud” application that allows your distributed workforce to access and act upon business information at any time, from anywhere, and on any device.

Elsewhere we highlight the 6ility Benefits of True Cloud—Mobility, Functionality, Reliability, Flexibility, Scalability, Affordability, and then squeezed in #7, Securability. Here’s an overview of how Acumatica uniquely implements these benefits in the industry (and be sure to check out Acumatica’s refreshing Customer Bill of Rights):

Consumption-based (not user-based) pricing

Acumatica pricing is different than other accounting solutions because it’s based on the resources you use, not your number of users. Only pay for what you need based on the three factors below and leverage all the benefits of the industry leading true cloud solution:

  • What applications do you want to start using now? Several editions of Acumatica are available, tailored to broad business sectors with optional functional additions. Check out the edition-specific pages for details: General Business, Distribution and Manufacturing.
  • What type of license are you considering: SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud Subscription, or Private Perpetual License? All provide the same functionality, so choose the hosting option that best fits your business. More details below.
  • What is your projected level of consumption based on the volume of your business transactions and data storage? Pricing, including hosting if SaaS, is based on the amount of cloud resources your system requires—which loosely corresponds to the number of “commercial transactions” (usually the number of customer invoices) you process in a month. Don’t sweat if you exceed that number for a month. Don’t sweat if you exceed that number for two months. Three months? OK, we should chat, as there’s a pattern here and we need to ensure we’re dedicating enough hardware and software horsepower to provide a quality user experience. The resource tier you pay for is sized to support the volume of key transactions for your business. Start on one tier and expand or shrink as needed.

Flexible deployment options

Unique in this market, Acumatica is available in the hosting environment best fits your business needs, and you can switch later, no problem:

  • SaaS subscription: Hosted by Amazon Web Services, this is the most popular option as it includes the scalable infrastructure for your system to be available from anywhere, with AWS’s industry-leading reliability, security and scalability.
  • Private cloud subscription: If you have hyper-strict security/industry requirements, or literally no Internet from your business to the outside world, or you’d just like to be able to walk by and pat the servers on the head, then we understand and are happy to accommodate by deploying to numerous other cloud hosting options or even to a server in-house at your business.

Industry editions

Use the software that fits your functional needs and enjoy the ability to seamlessly expand your operation without worring if your systems can handle it.

  • General Business Edition: The core financial suite with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Accounting, and Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Distribution Edition: Manage quotes and orders, track inventory, automate purchasing and improve customer service. The Distribution Edition is fully integrated to the core financials, CRM and project accounting for visibility across the entire organization.
  • Manufacturing Edition: Integrate production planning, material purchasing and shop floor scheduling with CRM, sales orders, inventory, and purchasing. Use smart phones and tablets to capture material issuance, move transactions and labor with the mobile app & scanning option to provide real-time coordination of multi-plant activities.

Connected business and cross-module workflow

Successful business systems must cover numerous functional areas—the entire Enterprise—which used to be accomplished with numerous disconnected applications and silos of knowledge.

Acumatica provides the connected business framework of all functional areas in one application, with cross-module workflow for the seamless flow of information between these once-disconnected systems and teams. Financials and industry-specific functionality (manufacturing, distribution, field service, ecommerce…) are all on the same code base, tightly integrated, with no purchase of third-party apps required to get that functionality.

An organization that has embraced modern, mobile technology enjoys the competitive advantage—and power!—of a single unified  platform for every user within the company to drive efficiency, flexibility and agility.

Role-based security

Acumatica uses a role-based approach to security, so you assign users to one or more roles which are granted various access rights to system objects (forms, reports and elements on them).

To expedite the process, the system includes numerous pre-defined roles for the financial areas of the system, which can be used as-is or fine-tuned to your specific needs.

New users may then be quickly and easily added to existing groups, and any changes to a role in your organization will effect all users assigned to that role. 

Sheer delight

Best of all, when you and your users move from an old software system to Acumatica, jaws will drop. 

People’s work will be easier. So many things that seemed normal in the old system will suddenly seem archaic, as your team works with True Cloud software that’s designed to make your data, inventory, money, and customers orders flow quickly and smoothly through your business.