Acumatica General Business Edition

Your Accounting Foundation

The General Business Edition provides the functionality of financials, CRM and reportingforming the core of all Acumatica systems.

Leveraging Acumatica’s born-in-the-cloud architecture to allow employees to work from anywhere with flexibility, efficiency and business continuity, the General Business Edition provides the tools to move your business forward including functionality in Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Reporting, Dashboards & Data Analysis, and Project Accounting.

Financial Management

The heart of any accounting system is the Financial Management functionality provided here. Pick and choose the parts you need, and rest assured they all integrate seamlessly with each other and the rest of the Acumatica system.

  • General Ledger—Maintain the chart of accounts and control financial periods, ledgers, allocations, assets, liabilities and more. Fully integrated with all other modules to give instant access to mission-critical financial data with comprehensive and flexible reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable—Generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply payments, verify balances, track commissions and deliver customer reports.
  • Accounts Payable—Monitor cash flow by tracking outstanding invoices, payments, available discounts, due dates and cash requirements. Acumatica also provides “Accounts Payable Automation” to replace paper invoices and checks with electronic methods of invoice entry, tracking, approval and payment.
  • Cash Management—Integrated with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Acumatica’s Cash Management lets you manage day-to-day transactions, fund transfers and do bank account reconciliation with real-time visibility to cash balances to accelerate accurate decision making.
  • Bank Feeds—Connect to more than 14,000 financials institutions for scheduled transaction imports to link savings, checking and corporate credit card account transactions to cash and expense accounts inside Acumatica. Eliminate manual reconciliation and matching with default settings, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connections and data transfers use multi-factor authentication (MFA), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Transport Level Security (TLS) for all information exchanges.
  • Currency Management—If your business is international in scope and you’re working with customers and/or vendors in other countries, then Acumatica has the built-in functionality to automatically compute realized and unrealized gains and losses, perform account revaluations and translate complete financial statements.
  • Tax Management—Wrestling sales tax issues? Who isn’t?! Acumatica streamlines and automates collecting, managing and reporting sales taxes.
  • Deferred Revenue Accounting—Invaluable if you sell contracted services billed up front to automate the revenue realization by assigning schedules to specific line items or inventory components.
  • Recurring Revenue Management—Easily automate regularly billing a customer for a service or item.
  • Intercompany Accounting & Reconciliation—Automate financial reporting, inventory transfers, vendors, payments, cash management and inter-company transfers across multiple related companies. The unlimited number of companies an share charts of accounts, calendars and currencies, as well as non-financial data.
  • Advanced Expense Management—Eliminate manual processes with smart expense matching powered by artificial intelligence, automated transaction feeds to import credit card transactions, and push notifications to remind employees to submit scanned receipts.
  • Fixed Assets—Complete visibility to fixed assets and their depreciation calculations. New assets can be added directly from Accounts Payable purchases, imported from a file, or created individually. Numerous predefined depreciation schedules are provided, or create your own custom schedule. Also integrated to General Ledger for posting of depreciation entries.
  • Mobile ERP Applications—Available as either iOS or Android native apps for mobile CRM, mobile sales orders, project time cards and more to enable employees to enter time and expense information, review cases, approve orders, assign tasks, etc. from anywhere at any time.
  • Payroll—If in-house payroll makes sense, then we’ve got you covered from simple to complex. Automatically pull time entry data into payroll postings, and pay via check or direct deposit. Enjoy seamless integration to Acumatica financials, project accounting, business intelligence, distribution and manufacturing.
  • Time Management—Mobile time entry via either browser or mobile app for projects, service and payroll including, if necessary, dynamic routing for multiple approvals.

Customer Relationship Management

Built into the application right from the start and not loosely integrated later as in so many other systems, Acumatica CRM provides visibility of up-to-the-second accurate information from marketing to quoting to sales to delivery to post-sales support. The promise of a 360-degree view is finally realized!

Additionally, because CRM is a integral component of the core system, full Acumatica functionality of reporting and dashboards is available in the native application, where your users are already comfortable and not limited by user count.

Four features of Acumatica’s CRM to highlight are:

  • Sales Automation—Provide a complete view of opportunities and contacts so the whole team is aware of all customer interactions. Improved visibility means improved efficiency, with workflow-assisted lead assignment and sales process management.
  • Integrated Marketing—Marketing teams can capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events and other sources to manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts and improve productivity.
  • Sales and Support Automation—Built-in “case creation and assignment” functionality from web form inquiries or via manual entry. Reduce response response times, improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and improve billing accuracy. Includes “escalation” functionality per your defined policies.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal—Provide customers the access they expect in a modern B2B relationship. Allow customers to login and review invoices and payment history, open support cases, and even place their own orders in a streamlined eCommerce website included in Acumatica.

Reporting, Dashboards & Data Analysis

With a single shared database for financial, CRM, distribution and manufacturing information you have a complete end-to-end ERP system and “one version of the truth” without piecing together information from multiple disparate systems.

Coupled with a single centralized real-time data source, Acumatica’s Reporting, Dashboards & Data Analysis let you move beyond just looking at information to unlocking business insight for critical business decisions and reacting to competitive challenges.

Here’s how we do that:

  • Reporting—Hundreds of built-in reports with the flexibility to easily create and modify any report for a variety of roles and purposes. Produce reports in HTML, PDF, MS-Excel and MS-Word formats, then schedule them to run as needed.
  • Dashboards—Simply create customized dashboards to display essential information by role, department or individual. Elements can be charts (line, column, bar, pie, etc), data tables, Power BI tiles, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and even include data from external sources. Information is updated in real-time and can be drilled down on—from the comfort of any web browser, even a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Generic Inquiries—Acumatica provides a means to extract the specific data you need using wizards that walk you through the process, so no coding is required. The data may be exported, such as to Excel, or published in OData format as used by Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics—Finally, the promised land! Business Intelligence (BI) goes beyond simple reporting to providing the insight to spot trends, identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions. The built-in OData format allows you multiple choices in the BI market but our favorite remains Microsoft PowerBI to extract actionable information and present it visually for faster and better strategic decision making.

Project Accounting

If your operation is project based, then here’s a completely integrated solution to track and analyze performance from quote, through change orders to completion.

Acumatica’s Project Accounting provides complete flexibility of variable billing rates by employee/customer, type of work, or specific project. Define billing rules to recognize revenue either by percentage of completion or by completed milestone tasks and then see it automatically reflected in your financial statements.

Acumatica’s “industry” editions all work together

Most ERP systems offer industry-specific functionality via “add-on” modules from industry solution vendors.

In contrast, Acumatica offers industry editions that are all built on the same Acumatica code base, not developed by other companies. That means you get cross-module workflow for consistent functionality and data sharing that feels like it’s all the same product when you’re using it. Because it is. For example:

  • If you’re an ecommerce company, then your Acumatica Financial Management and your Acumatica Commerce Edition software will work together.
  • If you’re a distributor that also does ecommerce—no problem! All editions work together with your Financial Management core, such as Acumatica Distribution + Acumatica Commerce. Whichever industry features you need now or later as you grow—they’re all Acumatica.

Flexible industry-specific capabilities that work seamlessly across your company is just one way that Acumatica stands out as a true cloud system. Learn more ways that Acumatica is unique at The 6ility Benefits of True Cloud