Benefits of AccountMate Lifecycle

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Dear AccountMate Clients,

Approximately 12 years ago AccountMate introduced the Lifecycle Software Maintenance Plan to provide a cost effective and easily budgetable means to satisfy many aspects of system support and maintenance.

The benefits of the Lifecycle plan are substantial as it provides all version and build updates to your system, significant discounts if changing platform (such as LAN to SQL, or SQL to Enterprise), on-demand access to online eLearning videos, one seat per year in the Core Product Training class at AccountMate’s headquarters in northern California, plus telephone and e-mail support direct from the manufacturer.

While few clients implement every build immediately upon it’s release, the Lifecycle plan is an excellent way to ensure compatibility with current Microsoft server/desktop operating systems and applications as most clients upgrade “every other” or “every third” build.

Also important is that it allows businesses to “expense” their software cost on an annual basis, vice capitalize and depreciate it – so remains a smart decision for all organizations and thus it’s been widely adopted by forward.

The annual renewal amount is calculated based on MSRP of each individual system which, effective 1 November 2016, will be set at 25% for subsequent years to bring AccountMate more in line with the annual renewal rates of other mid-tier accounting and financial management systems.

Finally, I’d like to thank our clients who went out of their way to submit a review of AccountMate on the Capterra website here.  Hopefully you then received a little present in the mail from us.  Of course we’d still appreciate more reviews, and just never know what the mail would then deliver… <grin>


Kevin E. Stroud

“Early Bird” Pricing for the 2017 Payroll Tax Subscription

Pricing is unchanged, and you can received a 10% discount for orders paid by November 30, 2016!

Payroll Tax Subscription includes a comprehensive update program with the latest federal and state tax withholding tables that are in compliance with federal and state mandated requirements for the tax year. Simply install the Payroll Tax Subscription via a download prior to processing your payroll transactions for the applicable tax year.

2017 Payroll Tax Subscription Pricing for AccountMate

Platform/Version Supported Builds Federal + 1 State Federal + 5 States Additional States Federal + All States*
AccountMate 9.x for SQL/Express

AccountMate 8.x for SQL/Express

All Releases $600 $900 $100/ea $1,900
AccountMate 9.x for LAN

AccountMate 8.x for LAN

AccountMate 7.x for LAN

All Releases $600 $900 $100/ea $1,900

*All 50 States plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico

eFiling: If you’re required to submit files electronically or if you want to use eFiling to eliminate a bunch of time spent filling out forms, paperless state and federal forms are built-in to AccountMate’s integration with Aatrix and available at an additional cost during final processing of your W-2s. Complete processing of your W-2s (including mailing of forms to employees) is cost effective even for smaller organizations, and we encourage you to consider it at time of filing! Please inquire and we’ll get you the per-employee pricing for federal, state and/or local W-2 eFiling according to your preference. 1099 eFiling and quarterly eFilings are options too.

Order and pay by November 30 to save 10% off the list prices in the chart above – and cross off an item on your 2017 “To Do List” early while you’re at it! Give us a shout and we’ll get it ordered for you. Reach us at 877.2NexLAN or email us.

AccountMate/LAN 9.1 Service Pack 1 Released

The first Service Pack for AccountMate/LAN 9.1 was released on Friday, 30 September 2016.  Contact us if you’re currently running AM/LAN 9.1 for this important update – or if you’re running a prior version of AM/LAN and was waiting for the first service pack before upgrading then now is the time!

November Core Product Training

AccountMate regularly offers the Core Product Training class at their offices in Petaluma, California – which are always HIGHLY rated by everyone who attends.

Since the Lifecycle Plan now includes one seat per year, attendance is up and there’s another class scheduled for November 9-11, 2016 – which is a great time to be in the North Bay area!

This is three days of classroom training for first-time AccountMate users and existing users. See the course description here.

October 12 Webinar: AMmobile – AccountMate on Your iPad

AccountMate is offering a free webinar for users to learn how to access their AccountMate anytime, anywhere, using the AMmobile native iPad app.

Access Your Customers: Edit and view all of your customer’s information and current transaction details on your iPad so you’re always up to date. View your customer’s address on a map and get turn-by-turn directions. Read your customer’s notepad and add new notes. Even add notes by speaking them with the dictation feature on the iPad 3rd Generation or later.

Access Your Transactions: On your iPad, create and edit quotes and orders, view invoices, and view the shipping status of any line item. Add and ship line items with a few taps or by scanning an item’s bar code using the iPad’s camera or the optional barcode scanning feature on the Infinea Tab™. Accept cash, check, and credit card payment on location with AMmobile’s integration with Authorize.Net.

Access Your Inventory: View your inventory to see available and on order quantities with drill-down details. See what you have in stock at each warehouse. Show a customer what an item looks like with the inventory item image viewer with pinch-to-zoom support. Quickly update any inventory item image using the iPad’s camera or an image from your company’s website.

Register for the AMmobile Webinar here to see it in action, and mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 12, Noon – 1:00 CDT.

October 21 Webinar: RDI-Link Integrates AccountMate and eCommerce Websites

AccountMate is offering a free webinar for users to learn about RDI-Link, an add-on that integrates AccountMate with e-commerce shopping cart platforms like Magento, Amazon Stores and eBay.

In addition to importing new online orders into your AccountMate automatically (no manual order entry!), RDI-Link does many other cool things like:

  • Load and update products, product prices and quantities from AccountMate into e-commerce
  • Import new online customers into AccountMate
  • Support multiple channels/web stores
  • Update order status between e-commerce and AccountMate
  • Provide EDI, customer portals and price management
  • Support complex business rules as needed

Register for the RDI-Link Webinar here to learn more, and mark your calendar for Friday, October 21, Noon – 1:00 CDT.

Tech Note: Calculating Production Cost & Variances in Manufacturing

If you are into the manufacturing business, you fully understand that necessary measures must be taken to carefully monitor and control production costs without compromising product quality. You use standard cost as a means to gauge whether the actual production costs are kept at a desired level.

The AccountMate Manufacturing module can help you keep track of production costs and determine any favorable and unfavorable production variances. Today we feature a 4-page article that discusses how production costs and variances are calculated. It also explains how the Production Variance Report reflects these variances. Click on the article’s title below to access the document.

Article 1113: Calculating Production Cost & Variances in Manufacturing

Technical Tips

Versions: AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: IC

Q: How can I assign at one time a newly created warehouse record to all of the existing inventory item records?

A: You can use the Mass Copy Inventory function to assign the new warehouse record to the existing inventory item records. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Access the Mass Copy Inventory function from the Maintenance menu.
2. Fill in the fields in the Mass Copy Inventory window with the necessary data. Be sure to enter the new warehouse code in the Target Warehouse field.
3. Click the Generate button; then, click Verify in the Generate New Items window.
4. When a dialog box is displayed asking you to confirm whether to proceed in validating the inventory item records to which the new warehouse record will be assigned, click Yes.
Note: If any inventory item records are not valid for the transaction, you can still proceed with the process; however, only those valid inventory item records will be assigned with the new warehouse record.
5. Click the Copy button.

■ ■ ■

Version: AM9 for SQL and Express (AM9.4 and higher)

Module: MI

TIP: The Bill of Materials function allows you to enter duplicate items, labor, and machine components provided that the duplicate records are used in different steps.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: GL

TIP: To paste journal entries from an Excel file into the Journal Entry Transactions ► Journal Entry Lines tab, be sure that only the following pieces of information are selected for copying and they are presented in this order:

  • Account ID
  • JE Line Description
  • JE Line Reference
  • Debit
  • Credit

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