Growth & Change

The typical accounting system gets used for 10+ years

So get a flexible system that can easily grow with you—accounting software that easily adapts and grows to support your business.

A flexible accounting and ERP system keeps helping you grow your business year after year

You’ll work better when your business system can adapt easily and often to smooth out your workflow:

  • Expanding into Canada? Add a rule to your system to have it print bilingual English-French invoices for all Canadian orders.
  • Find a bargain on a truckload of items? Tweak your system to handle the costs and prices to sell the same item number by the case, pack or unit.
  • Did your sales director add a new twist to the commission plan? Your system can adapt the commissionable reports and payroll, no sweat.
  • Do your people key in new customer addresses twice, or manually key in sales orders from the web? That can be automated!
  • Do you keep shipping the wrong items to customers? Your system can change to eliminate or prevent the mix-ups that are causing mistakes.

Where is there friction in your business functions lately? We can help smooth it out.

Is your company pushing the limits of your accounting and inventory systems?

Growing pains can put a dent in your customer service and profitability.

  • Figuring out how to handle more orders is a great problem to have.
  • It’s easier if your business system isn’t causing service issues like order entry backlogs, or management challenges like out-of-balance inventory levels.
  • A good system won’t get in the way of growth.

 Get a flexible system set up to replace the one you’re outgrowing.

Gain better control of operational efficiency

From an accurate inventory check by a salesperson to a custom dashboard for your CEO — a smarter system can support your unique business needs. It will adapt as you grow and give you insight into your business to increase your bottom line.

We’re friendly, not high-pressure! We’ll answer your questions. Learn more about how a flexible system can remove restrictions on your growth and profits.