NexLAN Clients Have Great Things to Say!

“Everything’s integrated and it just works. It’s freeing—it’s like we’d gotten used to dragging heavy anchors around and then those chains were all cut loose!”

Jeremy Cashman, Sales Manager, Short Block Technologies Inc., Clearwater, FL

“It used to be a big job to type 200 EDI orders a day into our system. Today the orders feed in automatically and it doesn’t matter if it’s a few hundred or a few thousand.”

Jay Boughner, Controller, Fanimation Inc., Indianapolis, IN

“5 or 6 international orders per day would always jam up our shipping. Now we send dozens of international shipments and tracking numbers daily. The paperwork spits itself out automatically.”

Aaron Ingram, Operations Manager, Innomed Inc., Savannah, GA

At SMARTdesks, our inventory on hand is typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and prior to working with NexLAN and AccountMate our monthly inventory variance would be tens of thousands of dollars with no real handle on where/how it was happening.  After a few months of working with NexLAN to properly configure the system and utilize the built-in processes and controls correctly, our monthly inventory variance is now mere pennies per month – all while providing accurate costing so we have crystal clear visibility to profitability on a per invoice basis.

Lisa Kaslow, Owner, SMARTdesks, Hibernia, NJ

NexLAN Client Success

With the ever-expanding array of third-party software products that use AccountMate software as their core engine, the scope and number of NexLAN’s solutions is rapidly expanding. From manufacturing and distribution to eCommerce and non-profits, AccountMate products can be customized for virtually any business. The following case studies represent only a select few of our client base and discuss how AccountMate and our vertical solution add-ons have positively affected their organizations.



SBT, the largest supplier of remanufactured personal watercraft engines in the world, achieves optimal inventory levels using an AccountMate financial software solution from NexLAN. View case study…



Fanimation fan manufacturer triples sales volume in ten years and tracks shipping container movement using an AccountMate solution from NexLAN. View case study…

NexLAN Innomed


Innomed is an ISO-certified manufacturer of orthopedic surgical instruments that uses AccountMate to support their large volume of international sales. View case study…