Manage Complex, Ever-Changing Inventory with Ease!

 When you maintain complete visibility into the status, location and attributes of every item in your system at all times, then you can gain substantial new abilities to improve tactical, day-to-day activities—as well as strategic planning and growth.

NexLAN excels at distribution and integrates all your related critical business functions to:

NexLAN Distribution

  • Financials and accounting
  • Inventory management and order fulfillment

  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales orders and product pricing
  • Warehousing and manufacturing
  • Inventory management, lot control and kitting
  • Business intelligence and more


Examples of NexLAN’s distribution-specific capabilities

  • Manage complex inventory quickly and accurately, and accommodate needed changes as your product offerings and business grow
  • Categorize your inventory items according to such things as size, color, weight and texture; track any item’s quantities, costs and prices by the assigned categories
  • Enhance your sales process by suggesting a similar item when the requested item isn’t available; related upsell products; and required compatible parts and accessories to go with an ordered item
  • Track units of lot controlled items from purchase or production through inventory and sale, including each unit’s expiration date and other attributes
  • Configure kits for inventory items that are packaged and sold together in various combinations as single units; manage all aspects of kitting including custom orders and inventory components

Unique business requirements are a sign of a healthy company

Average companies with flat growth and weak competitiveness typically have generic finance and inventory system requirements. But unusual or very specialized business requirements are a good sign of a growing company that’s truly customer-focused and continuously driving to add new value to the market.

NexLAN specializes in setting up flexible business systems to support the ongoing unique requirements of proactive growth-oriented distributors. Give us a call to discuss your company’s inventory challenges and unique needs.

Flexible Attributes

An exotic leather tannery needed to improve order fulfillment accuracy for its reptile skins – each of which have numerous unique attributes of size, color, grade, etc.

We added these additional elements to each inventory item’s definition and they are then validated against the sales order during picking and shipping.