Integrate your Manufacturing Processes with your Business Processes


When information can flow smoothly across your entire company—information about work orders, assembly, BOM, demand-based replenishment, sales orders, purchasing and inventory—then your company’s efficiency can skyrocket.


NexLAN excels at manufacturing and integrates all your business processes into one system:

NexLAN for Manufacturing

  • Financials and accounting
  • Inventory management and order fulfillment
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales orders and product pricing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Inventory management, lot control and kitting
  • Business intelligence and more

Examples of NexLAN’s manufacturing-specific capabilities

  • Create work orders and explode jobs into all the levels you need for raw material, labor, machine and subassembly components.
  • Record production lead time and monitor the inventory levels of the goods that you manufacture
  • Break down large jobs into multiple starting dates and steps
  • Post work-in-process automatically or manually, and print work orders, routing slips and production slips—and run reports any way you need to slice and dice the data
  • Track jobs start to finish, from resource usage, backorders and work order creation through the posting of finished jobs and the cancellation of any unused allocated resources

The system your business runs on should support your unique requirements

Every manufacturer has unique needs. But when a unique need is forced into a generic technology solution, then costly workarounds, inefficiencies and errors result.

A software solution that’s flexible enough to meet specific business requirements, no matter how unique, will allow a company to better serve their customers and gain competitive advantages.

If your company has outgrown your accounting and ERP system(s) and you’re looking to integrate and optimize your business processes for super-lean manufacturing—have a conversation with us about your unique requirements.

Flexible Languages

A manufacturer of automated welding equipment has Spanish speaking employees at their facility in Mexico, working with English speaking employees from their offices in the U.S. 

We configured their system so each user is presented all menus, screens and reports in their preferred language.