Common AccountMate Errors & Fixes!

When you swear it used to work, but now it doesn’t…

With a client/server architecture, when a problem occurs there are many layers to the onion as to where the root of the issue could be—some of which NexLAN can address, while others will require getting your local IT support in the loop.

So, it’s important to understand that errors fall into two general areas—those that are not easily repeatable “on demand,” and those that ARE repeatable where you can do-the-same-click-sequence-and-get-the-same-error.

➤ That first category of seemingly random errors is usually related to a problem in the infrastructure of the workstation, network or server and can be tough to track down… Often the error message will indicate a problem to read/write a file, or even directly say “connectivity error.” We’re happy to assist in the troubleshooting, but will need to get your local IT support in the loop.

➤ The second category of repeatable errors is highly likely to be a problem with either the program or the underlying data and is RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY! While by no means an exhaustive list, below are several common errors with links to the complete details and their solutions. 

How to fix these common AccountMate errors

Click to the page that applies to your error message:

  1. Connection #0 is busy.
  2. UFL ‘u212com.dll’ that implements this function is missing.
  3. Failed to update… PRFEDERAL.FXP
  4. Error (1234): Subscript is outside defined range.

Don’t see your specific error? Good thing we offer FREE Telephone & Email Support to AccountMate users, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Flexible Pallet Loading

Seed corn is always packaged in bags of 80,000 kernels each – so the weight of each bag varies greatly by variety – yet a shipping pallet can’t exceed 2,000 pounds.

We changed the picking list to specify which bags, and how many, to optimize loading for each order.