Period End Closing Outlines

How to Close the Period in AccountMate

Here are the steps to validate the balance sheet and close the period

Closing the month, and validating the financials, is a regular part of all accounting and financial management systems, so here are helpful outlines for each AccountMate platform and version.

Click on the version you’re running—and note these are in MS-Word format so you can download and then edit to your specific installation.

Just another benefit from NexLAN to maximize your AccountMate experience!

Period closing checklists for different AccountMate versions


AccountMate SQL & SQL/Express


Older versions

  • For older versions of AccountMate, Visual AccountMate or SourceMate, call or email us with any closing procedure questions and we’ll be glad to help with our free AccountMate telephone & email support for all (even if you’re not a NexLAN client).

Tips and tricks for year-end

For a big roundup of tips and how-to’s specific to year-end, refer to all the articles in the Beginning of Year Checklist edition of our NewsLine newsletter from January 1, 2019.

How to find the problem when you’re out of sync 

When your Balance Sheet validation is out of sync with the subsidiary modules, locating the transaction that needs to be corrected can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So check out our handy Needles in the Haystack article on how to troubleshoot this methodically and efficiently—and how to prevent most issues from happening going forward!

Flexible Languages

A manufacturer of automated welding equipment has Spanish speaking employees at their facility in Mexico, working with English speaking employees from their offices in the U.S. 

We configured their system so each user is presented all menus, screens and reports in their preferred language.