Running Reports in AccountMate

An Overview of the Ways to Get Reports from AccountMate

Whatever you wish to track or analyze, AccountMate lets you get at your data in a convenient format to help you stay on top of your financials, your inventory and your orders—so you can use that information to optimize your business and keep it thriving.

Here’s a handy summary of the ways to slice and dice your data

1. Several hundred built-in AccountMate reports

Get oriented to built-in reports via our Trees in the Forest of Reports NewsLine article. The article also introduces the Report Macro to save your favorite report settings, and the Report Batch feature to print multiple reports.


2. Built-in Executive Summary function

This dashboard within AccountMate gives you a summary view of a range of key performance indicators like AR Aging, Inventory Value and Total Bank Balance—and you can click to drill down to details on any of them. See our NewsLine article AccountMate’s Executive Summary for an overview and where to click to access your Executive Summary.


3. Recurring reports and automatic report distribution with NexReports

Any routine report can be sent to a person or group—including customers and vendors—with the NexReports add-on for AccountMate. It works with AccountMate’s built-in reports as well as custom reports. Alert people automatically without them having to pull a report. Check out product information about our NexReports add-on, and find some example uses in our NewsLine article, NexReports – Redux!


4. The F9 hot-key from your GL into Excel

Imaging working in Excel on some Q2 calculations. You want the most current GL data from AccountMate, or you want to switch your view from Q2 to Q1 data. Instead of copy-pasting numbers, just hit the F9 key while you’re in Excel. It will instantly refresh your calculations with the current GL data pulled in from AccountMate. Wow! Learn more about the F9 add-on from Infor.


5. Data out to Excel

If you DO want to kick it old school and dump data out to Excel, then every built-in AccountMate report includes the ability to <Export to Excel>. Be sure to try the one from the report options screen and from the Crystal Reports preview to see which has the best formatting for your later manual data manipulation.

Also, be sure to check out <Utilities><Table Browser & Exporter> in AccountMate for a super easy way to get data from the underlying tables—including filters without requiring mad SQL skillz.

6. “Data doodling” with NowSight BI and Microsoft Power BI

Many accounting and financial management systems take your data and lock it away in a proprietary database format. But a key part of AccountMate’s flexibility is being able to securely access the underlying data with external tools. Two excellent options are NowSight BI and Microsoft Power BI. (BI = Business Intelligence.)

If you want to be able to ask questions about your business and get enlightening answers, check out how Microsoft Power BI integrates with AccountMate, and learn how NexLAN client, Seegars Fence Company, leaped “10 years forward, basically overnight” with Nowsight BI. Combine data in new ways, visualize and present it in nice-looking charts and graphs to share with finance and non-finance team members, and glean actionable insights to solve problems and improve your business performance.


7. Tweak a report, or get a from-scratch custom report

➤Do you use one of AccountMate’s built-in reports but it would be so much better if you could add one more piece of information that the report doesn’t include?

➤Do you have a one-time analysis need that involves looking for trends in your data in a unique way?

➤Is there a reporting process that’s become too much of a hassle to repeat every time you need it—like maybe commission or royalty calculations?

We’ll set up a report the way you want it, to make it automatic with timely and accurate information. 


Now as a result, we can look further in advance at our reorder points

NexLAN recently modified an older inventory vendor reorder report for us. Some of our needs had changed and we wanted more visibility into the manufacturing side of it. It’s cut down on our backorders substantially. For example, we were able to go from $1M to $200K in backorders with one company. NexLAN has always been good over the years at helping us look at trends and track things. Their project managers are very talented and knowledgeable about the system and our business; you can’t beat ‘em.

Aaron Ingram

VP Product Operations, Innomed, Inc.

8. An AdoBOT can prepare the report for you

AdoBOTs are external programs that automate recurring tasks like financial reporting, without requiring AccountMate itself to be customized.

For example, an AdoBOT can insert data into spreadsheets from AccountMate modules like Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Sales Orders, and other programs you use too, like AccountMate add-ons, or a parent company’s different financial system, or your portal/dashboard account with your supplier. That means you don’t have to combine and format all the data in Excel manually.

Anytime you’re moving back and forth between screens or multiple software programs to copy or export data, an AdoBOT can do that. It mimics what a user does – opening and closing programs, moving around in the software, clicking things, etc., except at lightning speed, with no typing errors. And it never gets bored or tired or forgets, even if there’s an insanely long list of records or accounts to open and check one at a time.

We can set an AdoBOT up for you; let’s chat about what you have in mind.

Can’t find an AccountMate report that does what you need?

Wondering what’s the quickest way to have AccountMate generate a particular report?

Reach out to us via your NexLAN free telephone and email support and we’ll tell you the best way to go about it.

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t answer a question about what report to use, or tweak an existing report for someone, or write a custom report. We’re pretty darn efficient at it—let us save you time and point you in the right direction.

Flexible Cycle Counts

A client which maintains and services water filtration systems discovered employees regularly not invoicing filters.

We set their system to trigger frequent cycle counts for “high turn” items, which helped them quantify the problem and secure their inventory.