The AccountMate Data Wizard

What Is the AccountMate Data Wizard?

The AccountMate Data Wizard is a FREE plug-in with two functions—the import of master files from a non-AccountMate system during initial AccountMate system implementation, and the ability to change key fields (like customer number) in existing operational AccountMate systems.

If you’re reading this page, then it’s that second function point you’re interested in. So, to be more specific, it allows you to change the values of key fields—which are not otherwise changeable.

Example: If you use mnemonic customer numbers, so that customer ABC Supply has customer number ABCSUPP in your system, but they then change their name or are acquired and become XYZ Products—you might want their customer number to be, say XYZPROD. The Data Wizard will propagate that change through the entire history of the customer account in your system, so it looks like they’ve always been XYZPROD.

There’s numerous other key fields supported by The Data Wizard which  are often defined mnemonically and may need similar changes over time.

Here’s a list of the key fields that can be changed:

Accounts Payable
Vendor Number

Accounts Receivable
Customer Number
Revenue Code

Inventory Control
Item Number
Specification Code
Inventory Type Cost Method

Employee Number
Earning Code
Deduction Code

Bank Number
Pay Code
Currency Code
Activity Type

Please note the Data Wizard allows “change” of key fields, but not “merge.” So if, say, one of your customers buys out another and you’d like to merge all of the history into one customer number… then this isn’t the solution. This is possible, though, with the (not free) MKT-Tools utility, which includes other functionality as well. Please check it out if your requirements are more involved and we’ll chat!

How to Use the AccountMate Data Wizard

Installation and configuration is a little tedious, so clients typically have NexLAN do that, along with a “first run through” to demonstrate how simple execution is.

Then it’s as easy as selecting the company, the key field to be changed, and the new values. Below is an example screen, to which you can even copy/paste from Excel if you’re doing many changes at once.


  1. The Data Wizard has to be run off-hours, when no one else is in the system.
  2. Of course you’ll want to do a full backup of your database beforehand “just in case.” We recommend our NexSQLBack utility (which is free to direct clients of NexLAN).
  3. If there are customizations to your system, the Data Wizard will need to be configured to be aware of key field usage in any custom tables.

Got a question?

Or maybe you have any an extra-tricky data situation? Reach out to us for help. Our team is working with data in AccountMate systems on a daily basis, using many data sources and apps. We’ve got the expertise to do things quickly and efficiently if you’re busy or it’s not your thing.

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