Acumatica Resources

Handy Resources for Acumatica Users

This page provides answers to common questions that we get asked by clients. Use these step-by-step guides if you’re a new user—and if you’re a longtime user, as a refresher for procedures that you only do once or a few times per year. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone—remember that you can reach out to us with support questions and get free, prompt answers.


  • Acumatica Period End and Year End Closing Procedures (view or download PDF)
    • Accounts Payable Period Close (Page 2)
    • 1099 (Page 2)
    • Accounts Payable Closing  (Page 5)
    • Accounts Receivable Period Close (Page 11)
    • Banking Period Close (Page 30)
    • Inventory Period Close (Page 22)
    • Fixed Assets Period Close (Page 28)
    • General Ledger Period Close (Page 33)
    • Year-End (Page 39)
Flexible Picking Routes

Workers at a wiring harness manufacturer for classic cars often retraced their steps while picking from 20,000 parts on two floors.

Now their system optimizes each order’s picking route based on bin locations.