Acumatica Resources

Handy Resources for Acumatica Users

This page provides answers to common questions that we get asked by clients. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone—remember that you can reach out to us with support questions and get free, prompt answers.


1. Acumatica Workflow Diagrams

This large PDF file contains illustrations of all the workflows in the current release of Acumatica General Business Edition. For example, if you want to see how to do a GL Consolidation or refresh your memory of the steps, you can go to the Performing a GL Consolidation workflow diagram in the file to see the sequence of screens and steps. Check it out: At Acumatica Open University on the Job Aids page, scroll to the bottom to Supplementary Materials and download the Diagram Album file.


2. Acumatica Period End and Year End Closing Procedures (view or download PDF)

    • Accounts Payable Period Close (Page 2)
    • 1099 (Page 2)
    • Accounts Payable Closing  (Page 5)
    • Accounts Receivable Period Close (Page 11)
    • Banking Period Close (Page 30)
    • Inventory Period Close (Page 22)
    • Fixed Assets Period Close (Page 28)
    • General Ledger Period Close (Page 33)
    • Year-End (Page 39)


3. Acumatica Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a list of common Acumatica operations that have keyboard shortcuts, to speed things along for you: Acumatica Keyboard Shortcuts.

4. New Features Added in Recent Acumatica Releases

Each spring and fall, Acumatica releases a new version of the core General Edition as well as each of the industry editions such as the Distribution Edition and the Manufacturing Edition.

  • See Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2024 R1 Overview for highlights of what’s new in the current release.
  • For new features in other recent releases, click the tabs for each release in the middle of that same page.
  • The complete list of all new features, changes, and bug fixes, is found in Acumatica’s product release notes; typically a 250-300 page document for each release. Here’s the current one, Acumatica 2024 R1 Release Notes.


Flexible Picking Routes

Workers at a wiring harness manufacturer for classic cars often retraced their steps while picking from 20,000 parts on two floors.

Now their system optimizes each order’s picking route based on bin locations.