How to Install the AccountMate Run-Time Files

On local desktop PCs and terminal servers

Before you begin…

Installation and configuration of the AccountMate Financial Management System is a complex process that includes installing/configuring Microsoft SQL Server in a shared Windows Client-Server environment. This is a non-trivial task that is not discussed here.

The process detailed here is the installation of only the “client run-time files” that must be performed at every desktop that will run AccountMate. Alternatively, if you’ll be running AccountMate from a Windows terminal server, then this must be performed on the server.

This process, almost identical for both LAN and SQL systems, installs a handful of “DLL” (Dynamic Linked Library) files into the Windows\System directory so the Microsoft Visual FoxPro front-end screens and Crystal Reports will function.

Please note: the AccountMate installation disk for your specific version and build is required. Often this will be stored in a directory named something akin to “Installation CD,” but if you can’t locate either a physical or virtual copy, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For screen-by-screen instructions specific to your AccountMate Platform and version, please click on the corresponding entry in the grid below – and note that you can click on any screenshot to see a full-size rendering:



As always, if you have any questions please contact us.