Support Services

NexLAN provides installation, training, technical support and modification (programming) services directly to end-users and other Acumatica and AccountMate solution providers. Our client-focused accounting software support roots stretch back more than 25 years, providing us deep product knowledge and industry-specific experience, with ample resources to handle multiple projects.

All accounting software service providers will say they provide top-shelf support – but what does that really mean? At NexLAN, we can tell you what it means to us.

First, you should never be afraid to contact support because “the meter is running.” Thus, NexLAN offers free email and telephone support; there’s no service contract that you’re locked into. Many issues are simple ones that can be solved with a quick question, or you may have a modification or custom report you’d like to discuss the feasibility of – and we don’t charge for quoting!

And second, you should expect regular communication of important information – not just a phone number to call when you encounter a problem. NexLAN has published a monthly NewsLine since 2004 (back issues online here) which includes details of free webinars, new versions and new build releases, bug fixes, white papers on configuration and functionality, technical tips, and details of vertical solutions. To subscribe to our free NewsLine, please contact us.

Make your system fit your business

NexLAN is particularly strong in modifying the system to suit exactly your business needs. Following are some examples:

  • Custom pricing and discount calculations based on quantity discounts across different, but related, inventory items
  • Integrations to numerous eCommerce websites
  • Salesperson portals, to enter and track orders for their customers
  • Automated printing of Bills of Lading (BOL) and/or International customs forms during shipping
  • Simple production entry with materials roll-up from a custom bill of materials application
  • Manufacturer rebate program based on customer monthly volume purchases
  • Integration to multiple payroll time-clock systems
  • Custom reports and integration to numerous state tax reporting systems
  • Sales commission systems and More sales commission system and MORE sales commission systems
  • Royalty reporting
  • Demand forecasting of item usage based on rolling usage patterns
  •  …and many others!

No Surprises

You should expect quality project management of your installation, upgrade, or modification projects. As one aspect of that, NexLAN provides not-to-exceed quotes with proposals, and weekly service billings – so you’re regularly updated on the schedule and projects don’t get out of hand. We also offer discounts for prepaid hours when large projects warrant it.

Count on NexLAN to integrate and support third-party plug-ins too

While Acumatica and AccountMate both have a wide range of built-in features, the best option may be to integrate a 3rd party vertical solution that “fits the the bill” – providing known functionality for a known price with a known delivery schedule.

Flexible Documentation

At a manufacturer of test equipment for the paper industry, workers sometime lost or forgot to include the requisite “Certificate of Analysis” when shipping the product.

We wrote an input screen for entering the requisite data, and customized their system to print the correct certificate when each serialized product is shipped.