Yes, Free Emergency Support

We receive a significant number of visits to this page from AccountMate users who are in need of emergency support or AccountMate troubleshooting.  NexLAN provides FREE telephone/e-mail support to all AccountMate end-users, even those who aren’t NexLAN clients.  You may reach us toll-free at 877.2NEXLAN (877.263.9526) or via for prompt, professional and experienced support.

Tip: Try us by email first. Our phone is answered by live people during regular business hours of 8am to 5pm Central US Time (Chicago time), but we monitor e-mail closely outside of those hours for any critical emergency.

FAQ About Free Emergency Support

1. Why do you help AccountMate users for free even if they aren’t NexLAN clients?

Well, it’s a great way to introduce ourselves to people who might need an AccountMate business partner.  You can experience how we work firsthand. When your company has an emergency with your AccountMate and we can help you out, we feel great about that too.  We believe in AccountMate and we’re happy to do our small part to make sure AccountMate users everywhere are working productively.  Don’t worry; we won’t pressure you into buying something in return.  We’re friendly corn-fed midwestern folks.

2. What if I need more than telephone & e-mail support?

If it becomes clear that the solution to your problem will take more what we can accomplish remotely, then we’ll provide you with a not-to-exceed quote based on hourly work. You’ll know what your options are and it’s your choice from there.  No obligation and no pushy sales pitch.

3. What are the most common emergencies you get?

Most often, the company calling us has been using AccountMate for years, and the person who knew how to do an accounting procedure is no longer with the company.  Nobody else there remembers how to do the procedure, but now it’s urgent!

A true emergency that unfortunately happens more often than you’d think is a network crash, a cyber attack or hack, a fire or flood, or some other disaster.  The company needs help getting their AccountMate up and running in order to get their business up and running again ASAP.

Another common situation is that a user’s data entry error into AccountMate from some time in the past has just come back to haunt a current critical report or procedure.  The company needs help tracking down the source of the error so they can make an adjustment.

And finally, the other most common category is “other.”  AccountMate is a super-flexible system and that means everyone’s system is set up differently. We love a good challenge, so don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

4. What if I’m running an older version of AccountMate? A really old version.

No problem.  We provide technical support for really old versions all the time. Check out our VAM (Visual AccountMate) support page.

5. Does it have to be an emergency issue?

Nope.  Any AccountMate support question is fine, so give us a try!  If you end up wanting support on multiple issues over time and you’re not already a NexLAN client, we can quote you a reasonable price.  We’re well-versed in all programming languages related to AccountMate too (Microsoft Transact-SQL, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports, Microsoft C#.Net and SQL Server Reporting Services).

No Emergency to Solve Today?

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