Move to a Flexible New System with NexLAN

Few companies using QuickBooks grow as much as you have—so take a bow!

Congratulations on servicing a growing customer base and expanding your market! Most QuickBooks users—millions of them—stay small enough that they never need to leave QuickBooks, which puts you in the top performer group.

At NexLAN, we help top-performing companies like yours grow to new levels, with robust, flexible software that will support you for many, many years, even well beyond your first $100M year.

Our strength is in building a system that fits your business and makes work easier for your whole team—and we’ll be standing by here in the cornfields year after year to keep that system working for you and adapting it to your new requirements as your business grows. We bring experience and flexibility to the table. Learn more about us, ask us for references to our clients who used to use QuickBooks, and contact NexLAN to start a conversation.

What does it take to upgrade from QuickBooks to an ERP system like Acumatica or AccountMate?

It’s not a daunting process to move up from QuickBooks—because NexLAN manages the transition process to ensure that it won’t disrupt your daily operations.

It’s straightforward for our team to bring forward master files of customers, vendors, inventory items and GL accounts (with summary balances for all) for testing and training in the new system, all while still live on your current system until you’ve proofed the new system.

Along the way, we interview your staff regarding current processes and workflow, as well as desired changes and improvements—plus ideas and recommendations we offer that you might not have thought of. Then we make a comprehensive map of what needs to be set up, and we get to work on that setup and training—again, all while you’re still live on your current system.

You’ll have time to verify that all your data looks good in the new system and everything is working the way you want it to, before YOU decide the new system goes live. We then coordinate the final cut-over to refresh the underlying data to “then current,” so you have zero operational downtime.

Flexible Documentation

At a manufacturer of test equipment for the paper industry, workers sometime lost or forgot to include the requisite “Certificate of Analysis” when shipping the product.

We wrote an input screen for entering the requisite data, and customized their system to print the correct certificate when each serialized product is shipped.

Step up from QuickBooks to flexible accounting and ERP software

Wholesale distributors and manufacturers can get their inventory data and their financial data working together automatically, with Acumatica or AccountMate software and NexLAN’s experienced guidance. We’ve helped numerous companies move up from QuickBooks (don’t hesitate to ask us for references).

NexLAN’s team is especially good when you need to:

➤ Simplify your complex inventory

➤ Automate your weird or unique mission-critical process

Remove friction from your system so your money, your inventory, and your customer orders keep flowing smoothly

An experienced technology partner to guide your way

We’ll also work with you on a plan up front, as to whether to move everything at once or in phases. For example, you may be outsourcing payroll and want to bring that inhouse—that’s something that can be done at any time. The same with software you’re currenting running separately, isolated from QuickBooks, such as a warehouse management system and bar coding, or job costing software. Any customization ideas can be pursued over time too; those could be done up front or they could wait for a Phase 2.

A flexible system like Acumatica or AccountMate is designed to be easy to change, as you need it. It’s not one and done, and then you’re stuck with things that way. Anytime you have a new requirement, or an innovative idea you want to implement, or a change you need to make—you have the freedom and ability to do so. NexLAN will help you tweak something small or add something big to accommodate your vision and your new workflow.

It’s a mentality shift, really. See 7 Examples of what it means to have a system that’s more flexible than QuickBooks.

NexLAN specializes in direct communications, frequent status updates, and no surprises. Ask us to send you our “Upgrade Outline” for more details about the migration process.

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