Moving from QuickBooks to AccountMate

Robust, Scalable and Flexible

AccountMate is an accounting system like no other. Not only is AccountMate robust by default, it’s the only mid-tier system that offers full access to change its source code. That means anything can be tweaked, large or small, to make AccountMate work exactly the way you want it to.

Most software cannot be changed by the user at the source code level. For example, you can’t change how QuickBooks, or Microsoft Excel, works. The code is proprietary and inaccessible to users and programmers. In contrast, AccountMate was designed from the beginning to make it easy to change the software. Users are *encouraged* to change it.

➤ You can change something small that will make you more efficient—for example, maybe you want all the data entry fields related to a recurring process to be on the same screen, so that your users don’t have to go to several screens every time to complete that process.

➤ You can change something big to greatly improve your customer service, or give you a competitive advantage. See more examples in our article, Dream a Little Dream, and this list of 13 Examples of Real Life Flexibility.

AccountMate Module Summary

View or download this PDF:

In the AccountMate Module Summary,  you’ll see an overview of the many impressive capabilities available in this robust mid-tier accounting and ERP system that goes far beyond what’s built into QuickBooks.

Why would you want to change how AccountMate works?

Your business and the way you run it are unique. There’s no need for you to use the same shrink-wrapped software that your competitors use. In fact, there’s every reason to use something different.

Flexible Serial Numbers

A regional musical instruments retail chain requires items like guitars and amplifiers to be traceable by serial number from purchase to stock to sale.

We set them up with AccountMate’s built-in serial number functionality which gives complete traceability through purchase, stock and sale to customer.

Companies with specific or unique requirements

AccountMate comes to the rescue when no other system can do something critical the way they need to do it.  Maybe their industry does something in a non-standard way. Maybe one of their customers requires an unusual way of doing things.

Companies in highly competitive industries

AccountMate excels when companies want to continously add extra workflow automation and fine-tuning, to keep them ahead of their competition when it comes to efficiency and flexibility for their customers.

Companies that have a culture of innovation

AccountMate offers unlimited flexibility, like an artist’s paint palette. This gives you the freedom to easily test new business ideas and processes and bring them to life.

Companies that are driving rapid growth

Companies choose AccountMate to ensure that whatever they decide to do next, their business system stands ready to easily adapt and expand—after an acquisition, or the addition of a new line of business and its products, an expansion into a new country, an internal reorganization, and more.

It takes a mental shift to get used to the idea of modifiable accounting software. Once you do, the possibilities that open up are unlimited. Learn more about the Benefits of Source Code accounting software.

AccountMate excels at handling complex inventories

Companies like wholesale distributors and manufacturers with large warehouses and/or plants, multiple locations, and multi-channel supply chains, make up the majority of our clients who were previously running into QuickBooks limitations.

AccountMate is super-strong in this area. You’ll be able to do whatever you need with serial numbers, lot control and traceability, multiple units of measure, costing and pricing methods, warehouse and bin locations, inventory counts, matrix inventory, customer-owned inventory, kitting, and much more. For example, imagine having easy visibility into where any inventory item is right now – even if it’s on a boat from Asia, with a salesrep for your trade show booth, in a staging area being kitted up, or any other location.

AccountMate is a robust Accounting and ERP system

AccountMate has been in the business of mid-tier accounting software for nearly 40 years. That longevity and stability is a critical asset when it comes to choosing the software that your entire business will run on because it means the software is battle-tested and mature with accounting features (and reporting options!) folded in over that time.

It also has a wide range of third-party add-ons from many industries, to extend its capabilities.

It provides strong data integrity and high performance.

It runs on premise or in the cloud.

In short, it’s a solid, well-proven solution.

Learn more about AccountMate

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Would you like to see what it would be like to use AccountMate?

Schedule a custom, online product demo. At NexLAN, we don’t have a canned demo—we’ll prepare a demo that shows you functionality specific to your type of business, plus any capabilities you’re especially interested in exploring that are critical or unique to your company.