Moving from QuickBooks to Acumatica

QuickBooks Is Fine For Smaller Businesses. Until It Isn’t.

As a growing company using QuickBooks, you might be finding that it is showing its limitations, and you’re looking for a new solution.

Acumatica is a highly modern, born-in-the-cloud accounting system that offers resiliency and great flexibility.

Users consistently rank Acumatica highest in customer satisfaction over other systems in independent surveys—see Acumatica on Top: G2 Users Rank Acumatica Cloud ERP Highest in Customer Satisfaction.

It’s built to be “future proof,” which means its underlying technologies are frequently and seamlessly replaced or updated over time as industry standards change, so that you won’t eventually be stuck with a “legacy” accounting system that has to be replaced.

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In QuickBooks Is Fine For Smaller Businesses. Until It Isn’t, you will see the obvious and hidden costs of continuing to rely on QuickBooks, including the high opportunity costs of lost revenue streams. You’ll learn how Acumatica helps you overcome QuickBooks’ shortcomings to provide a future-proof platform that helps your company to serve customers better and effectively compete for new customers.

How is Acumatica different from QuickBooks?

Here are some highlights. Suffice to say, Acumatica will knock your socks off.

Flexible Consigned Inventory
A distributor of trading cards has consigned inventory at more than 10,000 retail locations and needed help tracking their products.

Now their system gives them instant visibility into their inventory at each store so they know what to replenish.

True cloud

Acumatica was designed and built as a cloud-native application suite. Learn more at Acumatica: Born in the Cloud.

QuickBooks Enterprise, the top-of-the-line QuickBooks product, uses a client-server architecture that can be “hosted” in the cloud. It doesn’t feature cloud-native capabilities such as access via a standard web browser only, a true mobile-friendly user interface, or seamless product upgrades.

Full function ERP

Acumatica offers a complete and connected ERP and CRM solution, including vertical-specific modules to manage business processes outside of financials. This means all of your company’s data stays accurate and up-to-date, and flows to where it’s needed.

QuickBooks Enterprise is limited to Financials Management, Payroll, Order Management, Inventory, and Pricing. This results in data silos in other company departments, plus duplicate and out-of-date data across the company.

Full relational database export

QuickBooks uses a proprietary database format and does not provide a true export function. It requires a third-party utility to access the underlying database. Acumatica allows users to export the full database of their own data at any time for any reason.

Data that's up-to-the-minute current

Unlike QuickBooks, Acumatica moves new data to where it needs to be. You can manage your business based on real-time information without delays and surprises.

For example, that shipment arriving in the warehouse shows up in your system as on-hand inventory now, not tomorrow when a shipping clerk enters it into the system. That ecommerce order from your website gets turned into a sales order automatically, and you get notified. And more.

Flexible licensing options

Both products are available through subscription licensing, while Acumatica also offers alternate options to accommodate customers’ unique requirements and to pay only for what you use, with no per-user licensing fees.

Scale as you grow

Acumatica allows you to scale as your company grows without penalty and can accommodate multiple companies, multiple languages, and multiple currencies. QuickBooks Enterprise limits you to a maximum of a few dozen users and struggles with supporting “multi-“ capabilities.


Acumatica provides a much greater return on investment (ROI) due to its industry-leading functionality, modern and future-proof technology platform, customer-friendly business practices (see Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights), and unlimited-users pricing model.

Would you like to see what it would be like to use Acumatica?

Schedule a custom, online product demo. At NexLAN, we don’t have a canned demo—we’ll prepare a demo that shows you functionality specific to your type of business, plus any capabilities you’re especially interested in exploring that are critical or unique to your company.