Moving Up from QuickBooks

A Guide for Companies That Have Outgrown QuickBooks

Here’s one of the most comprehensive resources to help you assess the limitations you’re running into with QuickBooks® Online or QuickBooks® Desktop, including information to help you plan for a flexible new accounting and financial management system to better serve your customers and optimize your business processes as you continue to grow.

We’ve helped numerous companies graduate from QuickBooks to a mid-tier system, so along the way you’ll learn about moving to Acumatica or AccountMate and what it’s like to partner with NexLAN in that process. We’re happy to share references and you can always reach out to us with questions—we’re consultants not high-pressure salespeople, and easy to talk to.

Flexible Invoicing

A medical device manufacturer/ distributor has many international clients who prefer their multiple orders to accumulate through the week and then ship en masse each Friday on one invoice.

We configured their system to cache shipments for subsequent consolidated invoicing.