Migrate from Pro Series or VisionPoint

AccountMate offers the same total source code flexibility

Pro Series and VisionPoint were great products in their day. Their key benefit was the flexibility of available source code so the systems could be customized exactly to your needs with no limits. Which is exactly what AccountMate brings to the table—along with an incredible array of built-in features and unmatched ease of use.

NexLAN has worked with AccountMate since 2001, but our roots in accounting and financial management software go back to the mid-90s with the Pro Series and VisionPoint products—at that time published by SBT Software, then in the early 2000s acquired by ACCPAC, and later by Sage.  During this time we sold, supported and customized Pro Series and VisionPoint for more than 10 years.

Unfortunately, during that acquisition shuffle, both Pro Series and VisionPoint were shuffled to the back of the bus and officially retired by Sage in early 2014… and Sage no longer offers software that includes source code access.

Is your system highly modified?

Pro Series and VisionPoint users often have customized systems because you need flexibility. It’s the reason you run those systems. We bring that to the table. AccountMate has the same flexibility to fit your business.

Here are just a few examples of unique modifications we’ve done for our AccountMate clients. We’ve got a million more, so don’t hesitate to ask how we’d handle the modifications you use now and any new modifications that you have in mind.

Stop dreading the transition to a new system

If it’s finally time to retire your Pro Series or VisionPoint system, NexLAN understands where you’re coming from and has the experience to bring you forward to a supported system in the smoothest transition possible!

Not only that, we’ll give you:

  • Recommendations to keep your cost and complexity to a minimum
  • A list of references to talk to
  • A not-to-exceed quote
  • A smooth implementation process and timeline that doesn’t disrupt your business during the roll-out
  • Expert, friendly, prompt support

Learn more about why your selection of a business partner is important.

The reason we moved to AccountMate in 2002 is that it lets you change anything, so you can run things exactly as you want them to run in your business. Just like Pro Series and VisionPoint—and running on a Microsoft SQL Server database so you have the scalability and data protection you need. AccountMate offers a choice of product lines that each offers source code.

And as you can see by scrolling through recent headlines in our monthly NewsLine, all these years later AccountMate Software Corp. continues to invest substantial development resources into the product lines, and releases regular updates and enhancements for its users.

We speak fluent Pro Series and VisionPoint

So give NexLAN a call to chat about migrating your business to an accounting and financial system from a company that remains committed to providing unlimited flexibility.