Support for VAM Users—and SourceMate Users too

AccountMate is such a reliable work horse, it’s no surprise there are businesses still running their older Visual AccountMate and they never have a problem with it. Until they do. Often it’s not a problem with VAM itself, but with the equipment it’s running on.

For example, when an old version of Windows is upgraded, it usually requires new hardware. Typically the first issue to arise is that VAM users suddenly can’t print anything – and it’s pretty important to be able to print from your accounting system!

Yes we support unsupported systems!

At NexLAN, we support old versions of AccountMate like Visual AccountMate and even SourceMate, for those all the way back in MS-DOS days. We do all the training, programming, integration and support for the old versions that we do for the new versions.

  • Would you like your older system to be optimized to run faster?
  • Has your department lost your longtime in-house VAM expert and your new user has questions?
  • Do you need to have a report modified?
  • Has your system crashed?
  • Do you need help troubleshooting a VAM problem?
  • Are you planning to upgrade your operating system or network and you have questions about whether VAM will work on the new system?
  • Does your IT person have questions about VAM requirements or compatibilities?

Rest assured that we’ll help you out, and we won’t judge you for sticking with a system that does all you need it to do. In rare cases, it is indeed impossible to solve the problem due to the age of the system. In those cases we’ll have a discussion about your options for the best path forward.

Email Support Now!

We help all AccountMate users, even those who aren’t already NexLAN clients. Read about our free e-mail & telephone support.

Is the idea of switching to new software overwhelming?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We won’t tell you that you must upgrade if you like how well your system is working now.

We might make you aware of some capabilities of the latest AccountMate software if it sounds like the benefit might be substantial for you. And one day, maybe years from now, when you do want to upgrade, we’ll be here to help you with that too.

In the meantime, keep on loving your VAM system just the way you like it, and know that you can count on NexLAN if a question arises.

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